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                                                                                            Eve To Dawn                     

  Loudness have been around for over thirty years and I remember them well from the early days and then well, kind of forgot about them.  What a mistake!  'Eve to Dawn' is a cracking album.  It’s heavy, bombastic and quite addictive.  Opening with gentle flowing music, the album then crashes and goes wild as 'The Power of Truth' takes its grip on your senses.  Aka Taksakis guitar playing is exceptional throughout 'Eve to Dawn', as well as on the second track, it gives you a real idea of how special this release is.


'Come Alive Again' rattles your cage and is very heavy.  Think Judas Priest and Anthrax smacking the hell out of your speakers at the same time in a demented Samurai attack.  These Japanese metallers deliver the goods. There is machine gun drumming from Masayuki Suzuki that will make your hairs stand up on end as 'Survivor' runs wild around your senses and give you a hard bitch slap with a studded glove.


'Keep on Burning' is a wrecking ball of metal, excellent.  'Gonna Do It My Way' is what this thing we call Heavy Metal is all about.  An entertaining catchy number.  'Hang Tough', oh yes!! Bashing, scorching guitars from Akira and Massayoshi Yamashita on the bass …. really stunning! 'Emotions' is an instrumental.  I'm not a huge fan of them but this is one of the best I have heard.  Akira again comes to the fore with such spell-binding riffs.  


'Comes the Dawn' is an epic seven minutes and is for me, one of the best tracks on here.  Now people who read my reviews know I am not keen on mega-long tracks, but you know what, this is the exception.  This is a gorgeous tune and just has everything you could ever love about old school Metal.


'Pandora' is dark and penetrating and sends a chill through your bones.  Final track 'Crazy!, Crazy!, Crazy!', is a great finish to a simply eye-opening, jaw-dropping album and you would be crazy to ignore 'Eve to Dawn'.    

For a band that’s been in existence since 1981, it’s quite hard to believe how refreshing and different this album is.  Great vocals by Minoru Niihara and thumping metal is the order of the day throughout.  If you love your guitar solos, then you will be in heaven with 'Eve To Dawn'!


Loudness intends to be doing a full worldwide tour on the back of this release and you know what, I will be there! And so should you be!  


Review by: Seb Di Gatto              Score :9/10



1. A Light In The Dark
2. The Power Of Truth
3. Come Alive Again
4. Survivor
5. Keep You Burning
6. Gonna Do It My Way
7. Hang Tough
8. Emotions
9. Comes The Dawn
10. Pandora
11. Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!





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