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                                                                         Lucks Lane 
                                                                       A Million Hours  Skyfire   

Lucks Lane hail from Peterborough and have been causing quite a stir in the Hard Rock world.  The band released their debut album 'A New Someone' last year, and received a great response, with regular airplay worldwide.  'A Million Hours', see the band releasing three tracks of hard rocking, melodic music to sate peoples appetites until their second album is released in 2014. 


I really enjoyed this EP there is not a bad track on it.

Opener 'Running For My Life' is pure rocking, with a sing-along chorus it gets into your head and sprints into your consciousness, you will be singing along with vocalist Steve Cairney in no time, Joe “Kenny” Daglish on rhythm guitar / keyboards adds to the groove as the bass from Dan Stimpson mesmerizes you, and halfway through lead guitarist Steve Potter unleashes a mean solo, drums are kicked and cymbals seared by Pete King.

 This is super radio friendly music to get you dancing around the room. 


'Turn the Tide' opens with some meaty riffs, and like the previous track gets into your mind and rawks, it’s simply memorable and groovetastic.  Final track 'A Million Hours' has a beautiful musical arrangement and really, I mean Really!  Should be out there on national radio, its heartfelt, there are no words really!.  You need to listen to 'A Million Hours' the song caused this tattooed Old Metalhead to have goose bumps!! Brilliant!  


So what can you say really except: When bands like Lucks Lane are knocking at the door of attaining huge deserved success, don’t let them fall into obscurity!  It is a major worry that talented bands such as this fail to get the recognition and plaudits they rightly deserve. 

This band should be in the national charts and out stripping such puerile manufactured crap that’s currently in the Top 40. 

Make sure you check out Lucks Lane if you like melodic, hard rock.


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. Running For My Life
2. Turn The Tide 
3. A Million Hours

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