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                                                                                                  Lucks Lane
                                                     The Story of our lives   Independent    Release November 21st
Not so long ago I had the pleasure of reviewing Lucks Lanes EP for The Metal Gods Meltdown and now I have gotten my hands on the bands 2nd album . Firstly I need to tell you to take your heads out of the sand look up and take notice of  Lucks Lane , this band deserve attention and have produced a hard rocking masterstroke with "The Story of Our Lives" its a Hard Rock record that is thought provoking, Melodic,soulful and delivers on all fronts. The band feature the ever so talented Steve Cairney on vocals , Joe "Kenny" Dalglish on rhythm guitar / keyboards , on the bass Dan Stimpson , lead guitarist Steve Potter and on the drums Pete King.


The tracks run in order from being young to being old and touch on the experiences most people have at some point in their lifetime. Opening with "Ignite" its full on, running at speed and takes you into the journey of being alive , I love the vocals and the way this tune instantly catchs you and has you singing along.


The world is a hard place that has so many wrongs and the excellent "New World Revolution" bangs the drum ,it stays in your head,  the grooves and superb musicanship is phenomenal, these guys should be out their plying their trade and making the world sit up, the songwriting is exceptional from the bands Songwriter Pete Moore.

" The Truth Behind the Lies" and "A Million Hours" are delivered  masterfully with such fine lyrics and see Steve Cairneys vocals and the bands first class playing working their way into your head.


Next my favourite  song  that’s  in my head every nearly every day! "Running For My Life" its catchy, fun and an adorable song that screams number one! It should be in the mainstream charts, but of course we know that wont ever happen as long as X Factor and the other crap the general public is force fed remains a power!


Jumping forward to the title track "The Story of our Lives" its touching and meaningful lyrics make you think as the sound is  absorbed into the room.

"The Air I Breathe" opens with an acoustic guitar it  ebbs and flows like the sea on a hot summers day , when the drums come in and the electric guitars, goose bumps are the order of the day, as a spine tingling guitar solo sees the band open up fully, easily my favourtie track on here.


The penultimate track and final track are again deep songs that make you think about your legacy in life the final song "A Different Place" reinded me very heavily of a certain Irish Rock band as the song starts, its a touching and a lovley song and asks the question " if you could do it all again , would you make the same mistakes"? A beautiful acoustic ending to a superb album.

So basically , you arent going to head bang your brains out or start a mosh pit to Lucks Lane, but hey its nice to have a listen to the mellower side of Rock and appreciate what they offer, grab a hold of this album and catch this band live!

They deserve the plaudits and recogniton!




Review:Seb Di Gatto                                       Score:9/10


1. Ignite The Fuse

2. New World Revolution.

3. The Truth Behind The Lies

4. A Million Hours

5. Running For My Life

6. Turn The Tide

7. The Story Of Our Lives

8. Waiting For So Long

9. The Air I Breathe

10. What Remains Of Us

11. A Different Place.


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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