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                                                                                                   Heavy Lullabies     Label: Inverse Records
                                                                                                              Release Date : 6th February 2016
Heavy Lullabies is the second release from Italian Dark Metal band  Lykaion, its an album that mixes up Heavy Metal, Thrash, Gothic and Hard Rock its an eclectic mix and ticks all right the boxes. The album opens with an  instrumental that's nearly four minutes long! this is the second Italian Band  I have reviewed recently who have a longish intro to begin their album , as I said for the other band , while the intro is a nice piece of work its something I would expect halfway through an album or at the end. But that's not to say its not a nice start to the album , just a bit bizarre and different.

The motors are revved up and the band kick start fully with "For Love" its instantly catchy, jumping around the room and causing havoc , its Punky Metal enthused attitude,   with its singalong  chorus it seriously  rocks and blows down the walls.


The album is mostly  high energy , bounces and thrashing  as  "Anthem" jumps out of your speakers , pulling you upright from your easy chair and has you  a joining in with these  Catalan  devils of Dark Metal.

The band slow it down for "I Don't Love you Anymore" I must say  Sforzas gravelly toned vocals really are quite exceptional,  adding to the pain and hurt,  as the song unfolds  the guitar solo cuts and dices  your psyche , simply an alluring and engaging tune.


"Waitin" like the previous song is a mellow number with some intelligent lyrics about change.

"Smile" has a deep melodramatic feel as the band deliver and wrap them self's into your consciousness  For me "Smile" is the standout song on here,  closely followed by  "Out of my Heart" the passion and emotion is spilled  with a fiery display of wild delight as the number comes to a close. In between those two is the delightful "End of Time" an animated and groovy piece especially as the band hits two minutes fifty five the throbbing guitars nearly blew my speakers!

So Just over halfway through the album and you can see why this four piece have opened up for a diverse pedigree of bands such as  Deep Purple, Kreator, Moonspell, Behemoth, Dragonforce, Huntress, Kissin Dynamite to name a few. 


Final three tracks on here see the band delivering a diverse mixture "Animals" is my least favourite track on here, but that being said its still a  formidable beast, Penultimate track and  "Accept Yourself"  builds, it has huge melancholic qualities, as does the final song on this opus "Till The End" a gripping end to  this work of art from this talented four piece.
"Heavy Lullaby" is a captivating album, and one I shall return to time after time!


NB: the album artwork needs a special mention it is eye catching and absorbing.  

Review: Seb Di Gatto               Score: 8.5      Facebook   Website

01. Heavy Lullaby
02. For Love
03. Anthem
04. I Don't Love you Anymore
05. Waitin'
06. Smile
07. End of Time
08. Out of my Heart
09. Animals
10. Accept Yourself
11. Till the End


Alesssandro Sforza Vox/Guitar
Fabio Valentini Guitar
Valerio Lipperra Bass
Andrea Alberati Drums

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