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                                                                                                       Title: Ritualis-Aeterna


                                                                                                       Release Date:2nd December 2016

Hailing from Oakville, Ontario, Canada we have the intriguingly  named Malacoda who have taken the name from a very minor character in the book of "Dante's Inferno"  about a fallen angel who flies around with a small army of demons torturing helpless souls in Hell.

"Ritualis-Aterna" is a follow up EP to the bands self titled release  and is bursting full of Gothic tinged Power Metal with disturbingly  deep and harrowing emotions.


"Penny Dreadful" opens proceedings with its doleful dark vibes that will  transfix the listener   with  creepy effects combined with vigorous keyboards that build into a  crescendo of deathly horror filled trepidation. 

This track was inspired  by  the cancelled TV show "Penny Dreadful"  the song explores some of the themes of the show ,  and the recently released video is well worth watching as the video brings Gothic  horror literary classics  back to life. "I Got a Letter" mixes some light growls with the  ethereal effects of the  scary lines written in the  afore mentioned letter, included in this disconcerting tale are some stylish riffs that ebb and flow in your head.


"Pandemonium" is a heavy key board laden exuberant track that reminded me a bit of Gothic bands from the 80s,  its a tumultuous tune with a stirring Keyboard solo. "The Wild Hunt" takes some getting into , its gotta prog Metal effect yet is deeply doom laden , for me it brought into mind the film "Nosferatu" just the music not the vocals , as such it would make an epic backing track to such a monstrous film production.Next we get the transcendent and  Melancholic "Linger Here" a song  to contemplate it will awaken your soul.

"There will Always Be one " brings the EP to a close with a heady mix of flowing keyboards and pummelled Drums its a hell of a way to finish this work and makes you want to play the six songs again and again while wanting more from these Canadians.


Its funny how I started listening to this EP straight after reviewing the excellent Devilment Album by Dani Filth and his cohorts , these guys would fit in perfectly with the Cradle of Filth front mans  merry band of Gothic themed demons live and would be an awesome addition to any Devilment / Cradle of Filth tour!


Review: Seb Di Gatto  



Reviewed :17.11.16



1. Penny Dreadful (5:34)

2. I Got A Letter (4:37)

3. Pandemonium (3:39)

4. The Wild Hunt (4:20)

5. Linger Here (2:23)

6. There Will Always Be One (3:47)


Band Line Up:

Lucas Di Mascio – Vocals/Bass/Rhythm Guitar

Jessy Oppenheimer – Guitar Solo on Penny Dreadful

Joe Waller – Guitar Solo on Penny Dreadful

Brad Casarin – Lead Guitar

Mike Harshaw – Drums

Jonah Weingarten Keyboards





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