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                                                                                          New Breed Of Godz  SPV / Steamhammer Records  

Way back in 1981 Malice arrived and then after only two albums they disappeared from the scene, now in 2012 MALICE are back with a vengeance and have released 'New Breed Of Godz'. 

The album contains their classics and four new songs.  The title track is a new song and to be honest you have to double take, is this Judas Priest? And when you get to 'Hell Rider',  you even have the bikes revving. 

You could be easily fooled, but of course Malice admits that Judas Priest is an influence. 

James Riverias vocals are just as intense and screeching as Rob Halfords.


 You even have the dual guitar assault by Jay Reynolds and Mick Shane throughout this album,  which again reminds you so much of Judas Priest.  But I feel that it’s unfair of me to keep making a comparison, as this band stands out in their own right, just as they did way back in the Eighties.


There are a lot of very strong songs on this album, such as the aforementioned 'Hell Rider', a twisting mesmerizing song taking you to the depths of hell and back again, with fantastic lyrics screeches and guitar wizardry.  'Branded' another new song races along and as the title of the song suggests, this song will be branded on your consciousness. 


From Malice’s earlier albums, the rejuvenated and freshly re-recorded 'Sinister Double' has a brilliant guitar solo and 'Circle of Fire', a battering ram of a song that is powerful and heavy as hell, makes you remember why Malice were and are held in such high regard.  


'Winds of Death (Angel of Light)' is a lighter number and another new song.  Very impressive it is and probably the strongest new track.   We get the obligatory air raid sirens for 'Air Attack' and the cheesy lyrics to accompany this song, but then again, this is another old number and it does stand the test of time, as does 'Chain Gang Woman'.   


Final song 'Godz of Thunder' gets under your skin and the drumming from former Black N' Blue drummer Pete Holmes is totally addictive and needs to turned up to eleven, as again Riverias stretches his larynx.


If you were a fan of this band back in the Eighties then you will of course know most of the tracks, but seeing as they have all been remastered, albeit with a new singer and drummer, I would  recommend that you get hold of this album. 


The band is due to tour soon and will I am sure be a hot ticket.  This is the band who after all, once had Metallica as their support act back in 1982 and have also toured previously in the US, Canada and  Europe with W.A.S.P, Alice Cooper and Slayer. 


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. New Breed Of Godz
2. Hell Rider
3. Against The Empire
4. Branded
5. Sinister Double
6. Circle Of Fire
7. Stellar Masters
8. Winds Of Death (Angel Of Light)
9. Air Attack
10. Chain Gang Women

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