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                                                                         Mammoth Mammoth
                                                                  Vol. III Hell's Likely    Napalm Records  

Mammoth Mammoth from Melbourne, Australia are building a very strong reputation with stoner, doom and hard-rock fans worldwide.


This is the bands second full length album and does not disappoint at all.  The album opens in a barrage of frantic drums and riff heaven as the  title track explodes into your world, with a massive lean towards Thin Lizzy, Motorhead and Kvelertak, you are transported into classic metal, hammering and pounding on Lucifer’s door. 


'Go' is a fist punching, head banging turmoil of crashing metaldom, Hell Yeah!  'Bare Bones' starts with ear-piercing fuzzy feedback and rattles, continuing the meltdown of down and dirty blues infused metal with an angry twist to batter a crowd singing in unison ... “Bare Bones!".  '(Up All Night) Demons to Fight' is slower number and I really think this is an epic song, in fact it reminds me of one of my favourite bands The Almighty. 


I really like Mickey Tucker’s vocals, he and the band deliver, letting you know Mammoth Mammoth are a band not to be messed with,  as this song rocks the walls and has you singing along. 


'Sitting Pretty' has riffs galore and will have you shaking, grooving and moving.  Excellent guitarmanship abounds as Ben Couzens on lead , Pete Bell and Frank Trobbiani give it to you

 straight.  This is no nonsense metal as it should be!  Talking of riffs and making guitars sing, Mammoth Mammoth take no prisoners as 'I Want It Too' crashes out of your speakers and yeah this band deliver some riffs to make Motorhead fans salivate. 


'Bury Me' is a doomy and stoner infused track, if you ain't got this turned up to 12 already, you need to, to fully appreciate this song, or just sit in a darkened room and let the music take over and envelope your being.  I love the short machine gun drumming and the way the song just rocks, sending shivers down your spine.   Next we have 'Another Drink', a raspy fun fuelled drinking song of metal excess.  In a word Epic!  Love the “oh ah“ part of the song.  Another winning track to send the crowds wild.


'Let’s Roll' for some reason reminds me of a bar room brawl, it crashes and bruises and I can see this song starting a mosh pit, and when Mickey Tucker tells you to ... “let’s roll, motherfuckers let's roll” ... well you had better do what the man tells you!  'Weapon of Mass Destruction' is another doom laden head-bashing instantly likeable song. 

'Slacker' crashes out of the gate like an angry bull and will crack your neck with a punky metal edge to it.  This is another one that will have you bopping and dancing like a lunatic on the edge of insanity.  Final song, 'The Bad Oil' at nearly eight minutes long, is totally fantastic it really rocks, ending an excellent album from the lads from Down Under. 


I have reviewed a fair few brilliant albums from Australia this year but I think this is possibly the best one from our antipodean cousins without a doubt. 


Review by: Seb Di Gatto


1. Hell's Likely
2. Go
3. Bare Bones
4. (Up All Night) Demons To Fight
5. Sitting Pretty
6. I Want It Too
7. Bury Me
8. Another Drink
9. Let's Roll
10. Weapon Of Mass Destruction
11. Slacker
12. The Bad Oil

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