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                                                                                        Mammoth Mammoth 

                                                                                                 16 January 2013   

MM: Hi, great to meet you, could you give us a brief history of the band?
Cuz - We formed in 2007 in out hometown of Melbourne Australia. I used to be in a band called Furious Dragon Love with our drummer Bones. Id been jamming with a mate Gash on bass and we got Bones in to play skins and then got Mikey in to sing. Our aim from the start has always been to make stompin' rock n' roll, play so hard we hurt ourselves and have a shit load of fun doing it. The first rehearsals were a blast. The music came together quick and heavy. 

We recorded our debut EP before we ever played live. Then when we finally played live we took no prisoners. For all of us it was about giving people a real show and apologizing for nothing. The punters and the press weren’t always sure how to take us -  Were we kidding: or were we serious? It was that confusion along with our heavy fuzzed out sound, and Mikey’s recklessness that got us some early attention and press. 


MM: You have recently released your third album “Hells Likely” do you intend to do a full tour of the world soon?
Cuz - Well, we hope to make it to Germany and some other countries This year. Napalm Records and ICS are working on it right now. So we definitely want to bring some of our cat-punching, ground-thumping, unicorn slaying, skull-exploding, good-time-murder-fuzz your way very fucking soon!
MM: I love the album and recently reviewed it for The Metal Gods Meltdown.

How would you best describe Mammoth Mammoths sound?

Cuz - One fan summed it up like this: "Imagine Motorhead and AC/DC doing mushrooms with The Butthole Surfers, channeling the Birthday Party at a Black Sabbath concert!"  

What makes our band work is that we are all into different shit. Mikey loves stoner and doom bands, Pete comes from a punk background and Bones loves anything heavy and menacing from The Birthday Party to Maiden, stuff like Pantera and Buckcherry too. All our influences get rolled into one hairy fur ball that sounds like Satan farting.

And that’s MAMMOTH MAMMOTH. We are also heavily influenced by Jack Daniels and RedTube. 

MM: Favourite tracks on “Hells Likely” and why?
Cuz - We love “The dead sea” It’s only on the vinyl as a bonus track but it’s a different feel we  might explore more on the next album. They all have their merits but live we love playing Sitting Pretty, Hell’s, Go and Bury Me.


MM: The artwork is eye catching! Where did you discover the young lady on the cover? 
Cuz - She’s an awesome chick. We drove up to The Black Spur which is a forest that was devastated by the most insane bush fires our state has ever seen - y’know, Just to drink and hang out.

We found her living under a massive log in the forest. The only thing keeping her warm was her amazing bush. So we rescued her, took some photos and shot the film clip then released her back into the woods. Never get into a drinking contest with her because you will lose and she will steal your soul.


MM: Bands that influenced you growing up?
Cuz - Bikes, movies, rock n roll and girls you knew you had no chance of getting with! 


MM: Australia seems to have a great Metal scene, apart from yourselves who else should we be keeping an eye out for?
Cuz - We don’t class ourselves as Metal but the scene here is good if not somewhat fickle. Melbourne has a lot of small club and pub venues so getting a gig is not hard finding an audience is a different story as there is just so much going on. We really like: Jackson Firebird, River Of Snakes, SixFT Hick and My Left Boot. Not all metal but they have rock coursing through their Viens!

MM: Plans for 2013, festivals etc.?
Cuz - Europe. Nuff said! 

MM: What would be the ultimate goal for Mammoth Mammoth?
Cuz - Owning a castle and a bottle shop and new shoes.

MM: The bands biggest achievement so far?
Cuz - Not killing each other and partnering with Napalm Records. 

MM: Who came up with the name Mammoth Mammoth and why Mammoth twice?
Cuz - It came from our brains. When we were drunk. Its basically the biggest name we could think of. 

MM: Three words to describe Mammoth Mammoth?
Cuz - Loud, Louder. Holy Fuck! 

MM: Any final words for our readers / Listeners ?
Cuz - We pride ourselves on having the most rock n roll, rock roll fans bar none!  So, we’re are looking forward to getting in front of as many as we can this year. So buy a knife, Rob your dealer and call you lawyer - cos this year is gonna get very messy! Unicorns you have been warned! Remain MAMMOTH!

MM: Thanks for your time and I hope to see Mammoth Mammoth rip up stages everywhere in 2013!

Interview by: Seb Di Gatto



The Metal Gods Meltdown

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