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                                                                                 Mammoth Mammoth Interview

                                                                                  Answered by Mickey & Bones

How are u guys feeling now release date is nearly upon the world.
 We're feeling pretty amped to get it out there and start playing the new songs live. It's always an exciting, but hectic time for us.
 Wrapping up an album is often the hardest work. And of course it gets busy with promotion and that kind of thing.
 Not that we really give a shit, but the reviews have been stella for most part too. So yeah, that's something. 

MM:Can tell us what to expect from the “Mount the mountain” and why the title “Mount the mountain

Well if you already like our take on rock music, then you'll love this album for sure. We've fine tuned what we do and we've taken a few different roads to the to bar with this one. We wrote a lot of song ideas. A lot!  Then culled it right down to end up with the final eleven you'll hear on this album. 
 'Mount The Mountain' was a turning point song wise. It helped shape the over all approach to this album. Like a lot of our stuff, it deals with fucking up, dealing wit your demons but climbing that mountain everyday. It's less nihilistic than a lot of stuff we do. We gnerally like to wrap hard, foot to the floor, party rock around darker themes. That's interesting to us.

MM:Which  two songs would you play me to introduce me to Mammoth Mammoth  from the new album and why

Mount The Mountain, Epitome, Spellbound, Kickin' My Dog. Because they the North, South , East and West on the Mammoth Mammoth mind fuck map.
MM:Is that the same lady on the new album as on the previous Albums

 Ah, that lady. No. Different part of the world actually. We do all our art work ourselves from a creative starting point. And work with close friends who are photographer and directors. We did this when we were out in the desert for while. The place had this cool vibe, the lady lives out there.  She's really rad, very into that environment and the trippy scene out that way.
 MM: can tell us about any tours or festivals you have lined up 

We will be touring this album for almost the next 12 months. We start with Desert Fest in Berlin, we're playing Freak Valley and quite a few other festivals. We're already starting to work on festivals for 2018 too, it's just the way it works. All the current shows for the first part of the tour are on our website, and social things.
MM: You have played a few times in mainland Europe is their a specific country u like to play the most

Not really. We love travelling. Touring is an adventure and you never really know how it's all gonna pan out. 
MM: What can we expect from a Mammoth Mammoth live show?

As one fan once said; it's like "Motorhead doing mushrooms with Black Sabbath at a Butt Hole Surfers concert".
One thing we can guarantee is you'll know you'e been to a rock show. 

MM: I love Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard and understand u guys had some involvement in them getting signed to

Napalm, are their plans to tour with them more extensively 
 Y#eah, well we spoke to Napalm records about them. They seemed to be the most interesting band going around Melbourne a few years back. Ran, their singer is  mate of ours and a tattoo artist ,so we figured if we could help them get signed then we'd get some free tatts out of it... still waiting Ran!

MM: What do you feel has been the bands biggest accomplishment so far? 

Not getting dead. That's not only an accomplishment, but a major frickin' miracle.
What's the most important thing to the band right now?  

Touring. It's all we're focusing on for the next 12 months. We love it. We love playing live -  it's what keeps us going. We love our crazy fans.
 They call themselves MMOBsters. There's a few chapters of them around, in Germany especially.
MM: Which two Albums would you play me to introduce me to stoner Rock
 pick any two albums from manufactured artists, give 'em a spin. If you feel a bit nauseous, frisbee those fuckers out the window, then pick up any two Stoner records, and you'll probably start feeling better straight away.
MM: Tell Me Why we should buy "Mount The Mountian"
You'll love playing it, and in return we get money to buy beer and cigarettes and kebabs and petrol: seems a fair trade?
MM: Four words to describe Mammoth Mammoth
More awesome than God's tits.
Sorry. We know that's five words but who cares?What's one little extra word among friends? Nothing. It's just a fifth word. Besides, we can't go to jail for using five words when you've asked us for four: it's not a crime. Well, not in most countries. Not here we hope. You can't build a wall to keep the fifth word out. You can't not let a fifth word enter a country, when the country might prefer four words? 
 Quick Fire Round:
1. Small intimate gig or festival -Ans: Small intimate festival
2.vinyl or digital - Ans:   Live
3.  Koala or Kangaroo - Ans: Kangaroos will punch the fuck out of you if you get close, and Koalas are just constantly stoned on gum leaves. So, nah, they're both annoying.
4. Fosters or Vegemite Ans: Melbourne Bitter
5. Trump or Putin -Ans: Depends: Dead or alive? Hmmm, well, Putin might win, cos he looks so bloody funny with no shirt riding  a horse -and Trump just looks like some marshmellowey-cartoon-character-tycoon -cliché,  like Richie Riche's Dad in the comics. 





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