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                                Interview!!                                      Mammoth Mammoth

                                                                                           Title:  Mount The Mountain

                                                                                           Label: Napalm Records

                                                                                           Release Date: 28th April 2017

The mighty Mammoth Mammoth return with “Mount the Mountain” ,and as with their previous releases the Band leave your mind wrecked ,and  your body aching from the stomping debauched anthems contained therein. 

These crazy dudes from Melbourne just get better and better, here we have eleven stoners, dirt fuelled rockers to get you fist punching the air as you embark on a psychedelic ,even punk fuelled adventure.


The final track will shock and surprise you, but more on that later! Opening with the title track these “Good Time  Mammoth Mammoth Fuzzers” kick out some killer riffs and addictive lyrics to get you bouncing around the room while  banging your head , Mikey Tuckers Vocals  enthuse you, drawing you in, this is magnificent opener to a quite frankly a splendiferous Album  from these good time Aussies. “Spellbound” has a spaced out synthetic that grinds into the room with gritty determination that doesn’t let up  as the ever so catchy “Hole in The Head” rattles around your head for days and days.


“Kickin my Dog” fires up and boots the mutt in the backside as the rhythm section of Pete Bell on Bass and Frank Trobbiani on Drums lay down some body shaking tones combined with Ben Couzens guitar slinging , on this track you will pump your fists as the chorus gets belted out by Mikey. “Procrastination” grooves and schmoozes into your presence with its hard rocking delivery leading into my personal favourite on here “Sleepwalker” the huge Riffs continue to shake the foundations as these Aussies tickle your nerve endings with their deep and heavy moves.

The angst filled ,  and punky   “Epitome” sparks into life and pogoing  around the place , leading into“Hard Way Down” it kicks up the dirt , shrouding you in head shaking, bootylicious blues inspired riffs that kick up a desert storm! Try listening to this song without moving, its damn near impossible I tell ya!  (Well same can be said for all the songs. In fact).


“Wild and Dead” and “Cold Liqour” are pure adrenaline junkies as the band take you to their world of debauched heavy stoner ecstasy, and oh what is this , a bonus track. err “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” yes, its true ,these crazy antipodeans have covered and pay homage to fellow country woman Kylie Minogue’s song, and it aint half bad! So, when is Kylie joining the Mammoth Mammoth Boys on tour!??!

To sum up this a cracking release that kicks ass! The guy’s head out on tour soon in mainland Europe catch em while you can for a night of  Hard Rocking Dirt induced Biker Rawk!  



Review: Seb Di Gatto     Score:9/10




1.Mount The Mountain


3.Hole In The Head

4.Kickin My Dog




8.Hard Way Down

9.Wild and Dead

10,Cold Liquor

Bonus Track

11.Cant Get You out of my head


Band Line Up:

Mikey Tucker Vocals

Ben Couzens Guitar

Frank Trobbiani Drums

Pete Bell Bass

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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