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                                                                                                                   Manilla Road
                                                                                 The Blessed Curse   Label: Golden Core Records
                                                                                                      Release 13th February
Formed in 1977 Manilla Road have been on the cusp of becoming huge but never quite attained the success they so richly deserved.

"The Blessed Curse" is the bands 17th release, its full of songs that will please  their adoring fans ,  showing exactly why this band have such a huge following in the  Underground scene , this release has to be heard , loved , adored and worshipped.

 "The Blessed Curse" takes the listener  into the time of the Sumerians its a majestic and intelligently thought through CD that is

absorbing and shows the bands immense talents.

There are so many highlights on here, The title track "The Blessed Curse" opens proceedings, its slow melancholic opening soon fires up into a spirited song.


"Tomes of Clay" is resolute and an amazing tune, its eight minutes of  delightful musicanship taking you on a   voyage of discovery , its a track I have played and played , its  floating  delivery is not only spine tingling, its a breathtaking piece as the story unfolds and when the song hits the six minute mark , it really sears into your heart with imposing guitarmanship, this is a phenomenal track.

There are pile drivers with tracks like "Truth in The Ash" Which oozes Traditional Metal with some spellblinding riffs  and drums to  shake the dead alive!  As indeed   "The Dead Still Speak"  sees the band execute and literally  wake the deceased as the sharp  talons of the dearly departed close around you , I love the lyrical content as Manila Road take you on a epic journey through ancient History.


Then there are beautiful acoustics on tracks such as "Falling" the solo on here is sublime, a gorgeous ballad.

Am sat here scratching my head as to why the hell this Band have never fulfilled their full potential, the delivery and passion on this album is out of this world.


Theirs so much to adore and enjoy on here , there's doom laden riff's a plenty on songs like "Kings of Inventions" and  "Luxiferas Light".
Furious drums along with chugging guitars,emanate from your speakers on "Reign of Dreams" this whole album will have you hooked, its different shades of  Metal will enthuse and bewilder your senses


"Sword of Hate"  delivers a cut of Metallic sustenance leading to final track "Muses Kiss" a epic tale to end "The Blessed Curse"
Manilla Road have in recent years played at  Sweden Rock, Hellfest and Metal Days Festival. All over Europe, South America, Canada - everywhere to full houses. Shared the stages with Kiss, Rush, Hawkwind ,Megadeth  and bands such as Raven, Bullet ,O
men have opened for them to name but a few.

After The Muse" includes mainly quieter songs ,songs that have evolved over several years and some of which were recorded with guest musicians.


When viewing  old tapes for the re-release series on Golden Core / ZYX met drummer Neudi on the song "All Hallow's Eve", which was recorded in the rehearsal room in the early eighties. Unfortunately, after about 12 minutes, the song  ends and the last part of this piece is lost forever.  The song has been recorded and also features the original version with the bands former drummer Rick Fisher.


The result is pure old school Manilla Road!
This album is a true Metal Lovers work of art as indeed is the album cover , Its an exceptional cover to go with a tremendous album ,the artwork
Is  an oil painting by Paolo Girardi.

Possibly one of the albums of the year already! From True Metal Exponants Manilla Road


Review Seb Di Gatto   Score : 10/10
Disc I                                                              Facebook        Website
01. The Blessed Curse
02. Truth In The Ash
03. Tomes Of Clay
04. The Dead Still Speak
05. Falling
06. Kings Of Invention
07. Reign Of Dreams
08. Luxiferia's Light
09. Sword Of Hate
10. The Muses Kiss


Disc II
01. After The Muse
02. Life Goas On
03. All Hallows Eve [1981 rehearsal]
04. In Search Of The Lost Chord
05. Reach
06. All Hallows Eve 2014


Bryan Patrick - vocals
Mark Shelton - guitars, vocals
Andreas Neuderth - drums
Josh Castillo - bass

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