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                                                                                                                      Marche Funèbre

                                                                                               Title: Into the Arms of Darkness            

                                                                                               Label: MFL Records

                                                                                               Release Date: 20th February 2017

A few years ago I managed to catch  Marche Funèbre live in Belgium at The Metal Against Cancer Festival and I was totally blown away by this Doom Metal bands performance, their forceful and effective show shone out during the day and with out a doubt they were the best band on that cold afternoon.

After seeing these guys live its has left me wanting to see and hear more from these eclectic  merchants of ruination. 

What we have here is five tracks of  deeply melancholic, electrifying insanity that will permeate into your consciousness  sending tendrils of icicles through your body. 

Opening with  "Deprived" (Into Darkness) it  takes you back to the days of yore when you first put that Vinyl Album on to the turntable, the growls and clean singing From Arne Vandenhoeck united with Peter Egberghs Lead Guitar and Kurl Kurt Blommé on Rhythm Guitar build the energy as the music beguiles you on this opening number with the Bass from Boris Iolis and the Drumming delivered by Dennis Lefebvre bringing in a deep and resonating  sound from the catacombs of the deepest and darkest pits of Hades.


"Capital of Rain" is the shortest track on here clocking in at just under nine minutes this is a glorious  headbanging  anthem.

The  final verse on this song  was inspired by ‘Darkness’ by Lord Byron. 

Heavy and oppressive qualities resonate throughout , for me personally I had never been a huge fan of Doom Metal in the past , but I have grown to appreciate it more and more as the years pass and these Belgians just continue to impress as the melancholic "Uneven" enters into your presence with its acoustics , and floating ambience that changes then becoming an unmitigated Metal force  as the track builds, this is my favourite track on here it has everything from Devilish Growls and head bludgeoning riffs that annihilate , cutting  deep into your soul.

 The first Track / Video the Band have bestowed upon the world before the Album is released is the excellent and mind warping "Lullaby of Insanity" its an un repentant torment of Metal psychosis. I would love to visit the mansion where this Video was filmed as it looks intriguing and full of mystery.


Final song "The Garden of All Things Wild"  has the feel of a Death March trudging through the Gardens of infinity as the band deliver some chunky riffs , Deathly  snarls are dispatched into the pitch black night thus ending a formidable opus from Marche Funèbre.

"Into The Arms of Darkness" is the Bands third Release  and is going to satisfy and please the bands many fans as well as anyone who's curious about the Whole Genre of Doom Metal heavily influenced with a old Death/ Black Metal verve. 


Review: Seb Di Gatto      Score:9 /10

Review Written:08.01.17


Track Listing:

1.Deprived (Into Darkness)

2.Capital of Rain


4.Lullaby of Insanity

5.The Garden of All Things Wild



Arne Vandenhoeck – vocals

Peter Egberghs – lead guitars, vocals

Kurt Blommé – rhythm guitars

Boris Iolis – bass, vocals

Dennis Lefebvre – drums





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