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                                                                                                            Max Pie
                                                                                                 Mausoleum Records
                             Availability of the new album on The official website( : May 9, 2015
                              - Release of the video from "Unchain Me" on YouTube ( : May 16, 2015
                              - Official release in Europe: 19 June 2015
                              - Official release in the US: July 7, 2015 (


Being  the very proud owner of the bands previous album "Eight Pieces One World" and one of the  few journalists who were invited to the listening of the album at the PPM Festival in Mons Belgium in 2013 I was never given the opportunity to actually review the album for the previous website I used to do reviews and Interviews for.


So we are made up and ecstatic at the opportunity to review "Odd Memories" for The Metal Gods Meltdown.

The band fronted by Tony Carlino ticks all of the boxes its a masterpiece of Progressive Metal that takes you on a dramatic journey with many twists and turns of exceedingly catching, melodic and awe inspiring music , the Belgian based band have really upped the tempo and catch your imagination with ten tracks of imposing and glorious music, from the introduction of the title track which opens up, and build into a crescendo  bringing to your minds eye a procession of Roman Slaves toiling and raising the monuments for the kings of yore.


The deep choral effects contained in the introduction transport you into the realms of servitude and beyond, leading into "Age of Slavery" were the opening vocals are delivered in deep and unnerving tones by Carlino it then proceeds into a fast powerful number full of tales of pain , sweat and toil as the "Age of Slavery" brings ancient history to life the keyboards expertly handled by Guitarist /keyboarder Damien Di Fresco resound and take you onto an astral plane of anger and hurt, with deep grooved Bass tones reaching into your very core, from Lucas Boudina  with expert guitar man ship courtesy of Damien Di Fresco ,the song has you transfixed and like a rabid Alsatian throwing itself at the gates of redemption , you will salivate and want much more! The amazing and stunning "Odd Future" will take your breath away , the lyrics are immense ,the vocal delivery is so heart felt and rattles your bones as Sylvain Godennes seeks and  destroys  the drums .

Am sat here scratching my head ,and wondering why oh why this band aren't massive ,this album is out of this world and running at nearly eight minutes "Odd Future" is more than epic there are really no words ,its a favourite for me, which is damn hard as all ten tracks on this opus are phenomenal.


"Promised Land" opens with keyboards played with amazing speed and dexterity mixed in with with fast riff's and drumbeats , with a relentless heavy headbanging mania that flows fast on the river of Progressive Metal Heaven.

"Love Hurts " is a behemoth at nearly ten minutes its a song of heartbreak ,and the pain of losing your partner to another, its a monumental piece of art, with a short instrumental centrepiece , simply fantastic.


"Don't Call my Name" opens with some teeth rattling , neck straining instrumentals that leads into anger and bitterness as Carlino spits "Don't You Ever Call My Name" and it really does bring you to your knees in worship of all things Max Pie. "Hold on" opens with a gentle acoustic guitar , a song that hits on a ballad kind of feeling about being far from home and being in the wrong place, it makes you think , the lyrical content throughout this piece of art is tremendous.


"CyberJunkie"  rocks in to the room  and logs in to your Metal head consciousness, delivering a deep heavy , thudding Meltdown . Final track "Fountain of Youth" is enchanting flowing  to a fantastic finale and makes you replay the song and indeed the whole album its a hell of a journey.
 Okay so far this year has produced some amazing releases which we have been privileged to listen to, and review well before release date here at the The Metal Gods Meltdown Asylum.

And I tell you this.. Grab a slice of the Pie MAX PIE this album will take your breath away , like the albums cover artwork its catching , grabs your attentions and a Progressive Power Metal fans dream!


Review : Seb Di Gatto                       Score: 10/10

 1. Odd Memories Opening
 2. Age of slavery
 3. Odd Future
 4. Promised Land
 5. Love Hurts
 6. Don't Call My Name
 7. Hold On
 8. Unchain Me
 9. Cyber Junkie
 10. The Fountain Of Youth

Members: Tony Carlino : Vocals - Damien Di Fresco : Guitars & Keyboard - Sylvain Godenne : Drums - Lucas Boudina : Bass Guitar

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The Metal Gods Meltdown

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