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                                                                                                  Meadows  Interview 10/12/20

MM: Congratulations on your New Album "Modern Emotions" , why that title and what can we expect from this release

Well thank you very much!  The new album started as a solo album but evolved in something much more. The record is in some way a personal reflection based on the idea that you are being formed through experiences you encounter and the people around you, like family and friends or other people who are important on this journey called life. 
The record also highlights themes like the growing inequality of opportunity in our modern society, constant pressure to perform, nostalgia to earlier times in life and even a wink to the fantasy writing of Tum burton which I absolutely love. 
If I may be so modest, you can expect some tasty riffing, nice orchestrational parts, six to eight string guitars, violin, epic guitar solo’s (two being played by ruud Jolie (within Temptation) and Richard Henshall (Haken) and diverse yet coheseve songs! 


MM: Whats the feedback been like so far to the songs you have released

Overall, fans have been really enthusiastic! Critics are good and ratings are very positive so far. It’s scary because it is the first album we put out and I did all the mixing and mastering/production myself so to have people buying and enjoying your work is just a fantastic feeling. 

MM:  can you tell us your plans to have a release day live stream 

We did a releaseday livestream! You can watch the whole thing back at our YouTube channel. We will be playing our rescheduled releaseshow February 26th in De Pul in Uden.
MM: It must be so frustrating for you not being able to play live, When are you hopeful that live gigs and festivals will return. 

Yes, it really is. We planned everything for November 27th and then we had to reschedule it, that was a bummer. Especially when you do a release, live shows are important to promote and get your music out into the world, especially as a starting band. We do hope before February 6th as we mentioned earlier will be the new date of our release party, but let’s see what will happen. 
MM: Are you a fan of these drive-in gigs? 

We don’t have those in the Netherlands, but who knows! 
MM:Who would be the ultimate Band to open up for

Mannn, uhm, so many. Haken would be awesome, but Dream Theater, Marillion, Muse, etc. would be cool as well. You gotta have dreams, right? 


MM: If you were stuck in quarantine for a year which musician dead or alive would you have with you 
Definitely The Edge (U2) or John Petrucci (Dream Theater). Or Guthrie Govan (The Aristocrats, Steven Wilson, Hans Zimmer, etc.). All for the main reason that they have been a tremendous inspiration for me as a guitar player, and I can still learn so much from them! 


MM:What one ingredient is the most important and vital  when making good music, according to you? 

Inspiration. Without it, you end up with nothing, staring at a screen with nothing to mind. Trying to come up with something new or exciting, but it just won’t come. Inspiration sis key and you never know when it will come to you!


MM:Favourite songs to sing in the shower

I don’t sing in the shower… but car karaoke is a whole different story! From Toto to Muse to Demi Lovato.


MM :If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

The way governments treat culture overall and the people who make a living out of it. Culture defines people and a nation alike. We should embrace it, not make financial cuts on the business first thing something goes wrong economy wise. 


MM: Is there a song by someone else that you wish you had written. 

Octavarium by Dream Theater, such an epic masterpiece from orchestration perspective to skill level from the band.


MM:You are still young Band have one hell of a future in the industry, what are your long term goals for both the band and yourselfs

Haha yess we are, aren’t we? Well, to be able to perform a lot on stage, for example as opener for awesome bands in the Genre like Haken, Leprous, Tesseract etc., would be cool for starters. To release our follow up record, on which we are working right now! And maybe to release music on a bigger label like Insideout for example. 


MM: Four words to describe ‘Rebecca’
Groovy, powerful, Irish, instrumental powerhouse.


MM: Can you tell us why we should check out your song “Modern Emotions” 
Thank you for your time   

People who discover us love this song and for many it is one of the best from the album. Plus, we made a very awesome videoclip for the song! 

Do you have any final words for your fans and our listeners? 

We hope you will enjoy our album! \,,/ If you do so, we need all the suport we can get so get yourself a nice pre holiday treat and order here! 


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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