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                                                                                                   Blind Faith

                                                                                                   Label: ROAR Rock of Angels Records

                                                                                                   Release Date: 2nd June 2017

Scandinavia seems to have no end of hugely talented Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Bands and Meanstreak from Sweden deliver on all fronts with their latest Album “Blind Faith” they were formed back in 2008 by Peter Andersson the formula was to write classic traditional Heavy Metal to warm the cockles of Metal traditionalist’s   hearts and show the uninitiated to the genre that Heavy Metal isn’t all screamo Death growls.


Meanstreak deliver an Album the way it used to be with clear concise lyrics and head banging choruses to enrapture and beguile the masses.

“Blood Red Sky” opens this opus  in fine style with Andy LaGuerins superb Vocals combined with his Lead Guitar mastery that mesmerizes you as you fly high to the Metal heavens , this is a stunning opening to a must have release, the smooth fluid musicianship from this four piece is outstanding, with Thomas Johansson on Guitar, and the Rhythm section of Jonas Källsbäck on Drums and Peter Andersson on Bass secure and deliver the solid foundation of Meanstreak.


Opening with crashing drums its catchy chorus instantly  tears with its talons into your soul  as Meanstreak releases the “Animal in Me”.  The Album just continues to get stronger and stronger as you progress through , as “Retaliation Call” races outta the traps, this is pure and simply impressive and will have you punching the air , singing your lungs out, and banging your head to the frenetic guitar wizardry contained herein. 

“Settle the Score” continues to see the band shred  your brain cells with its Eighties feel you could be back in those days of poodle perms and spandex pants!


The next three tracks really make “Blind Faith” in my humble opinion  “Tear Down the Walls” is a must play live its heavy and deliriously addictive as the band  indeed do “Tear Down The Walls” Then “Tears of The Blind” keeps the pedal firmly pushed to the Metal ,this is an Anthem to have arenas around the world set ablaze with its Melodic Metal fury, and finally “Love is a Killer” with its quick fire drumming ,galloping guitars and amazing solos in between the  fiery and passionate Vocals delivered by LaGuerin  make this Album a must have!


“Come Undone” and “Fire at Will” ooze melodic Metal classiness with their chugging guitars both are a heavenly delight with some scintillating solos and neck breaking drumming there is no let up on this eleven track monster.

Penultimate track “Caught in The Crossfire” has a rip-roaring Guitar solo that Eddie van Halen would be proud off! “Gunnerside” brings the Album to a close a mighty ending to a mighty work of art from these Swedes.


Finally, if you are wanting Pure Gold Plated Melodic Metal then “Blind Faith” is for you without a doubt!



Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score:9/10

Reviewed: 29/05/17


Tracklisting:                                            Facebook      Website

1.Blood Red Sky
2.Animal In Me
3.Retaliation Call
4.Settle The Score
5.Tear Down The Walls
6.Tears Of The Blind
7.Love Is A Killer
8.Come Undone
9.Fire At Will
10.Caught In The Crossfire


Band Line Up

Peter Andersson - Bass and background Vocals
Andy LaGuerin - Lead Vocals and Guitars
Thomas Johansson - Guitars
Jonas Källsbäck - Drums and Background vocals

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