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                                                                                                       Megaton Sword interview 13/03/2023

MM:Tell us about the inspirations and ideas behind the album "Might and Power"

The musically most important influences are classic metal bands like Manowar, Saxon, Grand Magus, Manilla Road, Grave Digger etc. But we also draw our influences from Extreme Metal or Classic Rock. We all have a pretty broad taste in music, which I think is also reflected in the songwriting.

Since our Niralet EP, our songs have all told stories set in Niralet, a continent on the Earth-like planet Xarkahar, a world Uzzy, our singer, made up and continues to expand. Every Song offers a snapshot-like glimpse of the story. Even if the connections are quite difficult to understand for outsiders, this aspect is just as important for Megaton Sword as the music itself.


MM: I am a big fan of album artwork and your albums artwork is eye-catching did u have a lot of input into the design

Yes, the picture is a commissioned work. This time we wanted the artwork to be closer to the action. As Paolo Girardi is a master in beautifully capturing vileness, we knew very early that he is the right man for the job this time. We’re glad he got on board with us and crafted an amazing piece of art for us.

By the way, it has connections to the old artworks. In the sarcophagus lies Naelle aka Vulva of the Nightfall, who can be seen on the back cover of Niralet. The scene takes place in an underwater harbor, which can be seen in its resurfaced state on the back cover of BHS-SHF (in the background, where the ships come from).


MM:Will you have a framed copy of the album on your wall at your home

Yes, of course. We even bought the original paintings of "Niralet" and "Blood Hails Steel - Steel Hails Fire" back then.


MM: Tell us your plans for Tours and festivals

After our release show we will play at the Taunus Metal Festival, the Black Forest Festival and the Dying Victims Attack! Festival, all in Germany. The latter is a festival of our label where only label bands play. After that we are playing a smaller tour in end of April/beginning of May with our brothers from Venator. Most of the shows are in the southeast of Germany, 2 in Austria and one each in the Czech Republic and Switzerland. And there will definitely be a few more shows to follow this year.


MM: Do you plan to do live streams at some of your shows

No. I think all the live streams during the corona pandemic showed that this only works moderately (even if I have seen a few quite good ones). The energy between band and audience that is released during a live show cannot be adequately transferred into the living room at home.


MM:Who would be three your ultimate bands to head out on tour with

I could just list the three biggest metal bands now. Or three, to which we would fit musically. But I choose the following three:


Voivod, Stallion, Long Distance Calling


I have seen all three of them live several times and with their joy of playing they suggest to me every time anew that they probably belong to the most relaxed guys without big egos off the stage. And that somehow gives me the feeling of being on the same wavelength.


MM: First concert u ever went to

I think my first Rock/Metal concert was In Extremo (ages ago).


MM: The last concert u went to

Napalm Death, Wormrot, Benediction in Zurich last Saturday.


MM: If there was a heavy metal song about yourself what would it be called

Unfortunately "Iron Balls of Steel" is already taken ;)


MM: Four words to describe Megaton Sword

Epicness, Hack ‘n’ Slay, Pathos, Worldbuilding


fast five fave questions:


1.Fave band



2. fave singer

Biff Byford


3.fave drink

Beer (rather boring answer I know)


4.fave album

Just one? Impossible. But one of the most heard might well be Kreator - Violent Revolution


5.fave inspiration

Too many important ones to reduce to one.


MM:Final words for your fans and our readers

Thank you for supporting Megaton Sword. Keep the Metal alive!

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