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                                                                                                   Melodius Deite interview 18/05/2024

MM: Congratulations on your recently released album "Demonology" whats the reaction been like from media and fans

MD: Hi, it’s Biggie here. First of all, thank you so much for the interview. Yes, the feedback is really positive. It seems like the power metal, symphonic metal fans and media like this album. We got great reviews from the media so far.


MM:Where did u draw the inspiration from for this album

MD: I personally got inspired by the mystical creatures and biblical stories such as Lucifer, Dracula, Werewolf, Witch, Banshee etc. and I metaphor that to my life experiences.


MM:Tell us your favourite track on the album today and why

MD: This is a difficult question. Actually, I like every song in the album, but if I have to choose just one, it should be Lucifer (The Fallen Star) because I like the musical vibes and lyrics so much.


MM:You have a few guest musicians on this album are their hopes they will make an appearance at your live shows

MD: Yes, some of them may appear in our live show if their schedule allow. Anira who’s the guest singer on Witchery will perform with us at MetalFest Open Air 2024 in Czech Republic.

MM: The album has it all even down to the amazing artwork can you give us some insight into the ideas and theme of the cover

MD: The fantastic artwork painted by Thai artist, Sirayu Kanuchdit. It has all the mystical characters involved in the album. The mood and color also represent our musical style perfectly, so I want people to just look at the artwork and can imagine how the music, lyrics, theme, stories would be.


MM:Will u be having the artwork framed at home

MD: Yes, definitely!

MM: Whats the metal scene like in your country

MD: The metal scene here in Thailand is quite minority, especially on power metal. Most of the fans here are more into extreme and core stuff.


MM:Tell us your plans festival and tour wise

MD: We actually just finished the show in Thailand and Japan. There supposed to be China in the list but the festival is postponed at this stage. Hope more Asia tour can happen. Our next stop is MetalFest Open Air in Czechia and definitely will add more dates for the tour in near future.


MM:How do you stay energized and healthy on the road?

MD: Eating good foods, proper exercises, keeping positive thinking, enjoying the time with the band mates, finding good vibes and inspiration from the place we’re touring. Most importantly, the support from the fans and everyone involved keeps me going.


MM:What’s the weirdest venue you’ve ever played?

MD: It would be one place in Thailand that we played a long long time ago. The venue was super small, imagine a small room with super small stage almost same level as the floor. We all have to squeeze ourselves into that tiny stage, so we couldn’t do much action, just stood still and play. The best we could do was to headbang, hahaha! Perhaps the audience at the back couldn’t see us because the stage was so low.


MM: Is their a song written by another band you wish you had written

MD: There are so many good songs out there but, no, my friend.


MM: What was the first album you ever owned

MD: If I remember, that should be Garage Inc. by Metallica.


MM: If there was a song about yourself what would it be called

MD: No Surrender


MM: Four words to describe "Demonology"

MD: Epic Fantasy Metal Opera


MM: Final Words for your fans our viewers and listeners

MD: Thank you so much for your support. Without you, I wouldn't have come this far. We will keep making great epic music for you guys as always, and see you on the road!                  Facebook


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