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                                                                                                      Metal Bridge  Pure Steel Records
After 29 years  Warrant return with fifteen tracks of Metal thrashing insanity! Its been a very long time coming, but after many fan requests for the band to release a new album  they have done, and delivered a Teutonic speeding maelstrom of heads down delirium. The band only features one original member, vocalist and bassist Jorg Juraschek , but what really matters is Warrant are back and ready to deliver.

The aim  is to  be back at the top of the German Speed and Heavy Metal tree.Well going by this release I can honestly say that's not going to be a problem in the slightest!  With a gentle acoustic opening the album then throws you into a strait jacket of raging and delicious speeding Metal with "Asylum" , these guys are back and delivering the goods, a 100 per cent wake up to the Metal world.

Police sirens fill the room then the  skull smashing riff's and a chorus to get the masses singing , so punch the air , show the horns and sing along and "Come and Get it"!!   Hammers from the pits of damnation are delivered on "You Keep Me in Hell"its a pounding deliverance of bruising, neck snapping Metal. "Blood In The Sky"  has a malevolent feel , seeping into your skin and taking over your being as you punch the air hard with meaning and menace and sing the chorus.

Then a brief change in tempo as "Face The Death " begins , exploding into a powerful, thrashing beast. Only song am not to sure bout on here is "All The Kings Horses" don't get me wrong its a competent number but just didn't do anything for me, that's not to say its a bad song at all , just heard so many similar songs like  this before. "Nyctophobia" is going to wreck necks live , this is a  Herculean effort of head banging insanity ! Just what the doctor ordered!   "Helium Head" detonates with some bad ass riff's and thunderous drumming combined with an addictive chorus its a metal execution of excellance.  

"Don't Get Mad Get Even" is an exocet missile on speed its fast, and will have old and new Warrant fans in a state of Teutonic Metal delirium.  "Eat Me Alive" and "Immortal" continue to show case the bands speed metal credentials.


Then we have two reworked tracks from 1985 "The Enforcer" "Ordeal of Death" and the Title track are given a whole new reworking where the band show their attitude from all those years ago, and   pay homage to two of the tracks marking their groundbreaking debut.


The album finishes with an Instrumental that flexes its muscles and leaves you wanting more!   


Listening to "Metal Bridge" its hard to believe this band only ever released one album the Cult Speed Metal album "The Enforcer" all the way back in 1985!  
This has to be one of the best Speed Metal releases of the year, its simply jaw droppinly imposing and a remarkable return for Warrant.


Review : Seb Di Gatto

1. Intro
2. Asylum                                                                                        Warrant Interview
3.Come and Get it
4.You Keep  Me In Hell
5.Blood In The Sky
6.  Face The Death
7. All The Kings Horses
9.Helium Head
10.Dont Get Mad Get Even
11.Eat Me Alive
13.Ordeal of Death 2014
14.The Enforcer 2014
15.Labyrinth of The Lost

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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