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                                                                                                                                       Lunatic Confessions  

                                                                                                                                       Label:    Blacksmith Records


Miseo are a three piece Metal Machine from Germany they released “Trapped In A Veil” a while ago, and this bands debut album needs to be reviewed , heard , and adored! So lets step into the Insanity, Butchery and foul stench of death.


What  first strikes me is the production , its clear crisp and the blast drums aren’t over powering, the growled vocals are by Ferli on Vocals/Guitar he delivers menace with his voice and his guitar cleaves through you like a freshly slaughtered slab of meat, the bass thumps from Andre Rinks deep grooves and Timos Drums bruise and batter  “Trapped in a Veil” is the opening  track its gentle,  ethereal,  and builds your anticipation as “Daddy's Girl” and “Greed Kills” drag you kicking and screaming into the warped minds  of these Teutonic masters of vicious insanity.



“Harlots For God”  dances and pirouettes  like a ghastly dream of fetid flesh with sharp pins  being wrapped tight around your skull , the delivery pummels you ,  and sticks in your head as you mosh  in a total frenzy,  the next and heaviest track on here  "Ueberzucht Und Untergang" smashes your cranium into tiny pieces its a malevolent  barbarous, sledge hammer delivery that rips and crushes you.



I found "Five Star Doc" takes you into a hypnotic state of crazed psychosis,  its deep and brutal tones sear and fuck with your head!


 Moving onto the title track you are trapped  , head banging  and kicking like Satan's Steed at a  church meeting!

"Skin Dress" Slows down the tempo  a touch its Morbid delivery crawls over you and then final track "No Guts No Glory" cascades and makes you want to wreck and destroy in a mosh pit of total blood curdling carnage!


Now for me personally not being a huge  Death Metal fan I found some of the album  a tad repetitive at times but having said that its damn enjoyable and will appeal to fans of Cannibal Corpse , Obituary, Dying fetus etc.

Miseo are a band to keep a look out for.


Having only formed last year they are already making huge waves of madness and Insanity and are making A mark in the Death Metal Genre.



Review: Seb Di Gatto     Score:8.5





1. Trapped In Veil2. Greed Kills3. Daddy’s Girl4. Harlots For God5. Ueberzucht Und Untergang6. Five Star Doc7. Ingrate Deadbeat8. Everybody’s Victim9. Lunatic Confessions10. Skin Dress11. No Guts No Glory                                                    Links: Twitter  Facebook 




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