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                                                                                                         Morta Skuld  
                                                                                                Wounds  Deeper Than Time 
                                                                                                Label: Peaceville
                                                                                                Release Date: 17th February 2017

Death Metal Masters Morta Skuld return with their first full length Album since 1997. Having released an EP in 2014 called "Serving Two Masters"   Morta Skuld  have now re united  with Peaceville records who were the label the band started out with in the beginning and released three Albums with the company  (initially via legendary sub-label Deaf Records).


"Wounds Deeper Than Time" hits the streets  Mid February with a new and reinvigorated line up featuring  longstanding member and founder David Gregor (Guitar/vocals) Scott Willecke (Guitar), AJ Lewandowski (bass) & Eric House (drums). 
The Album opens with "Breathe in The Black"  a compelling and brutal deliverance  of Old School Death Metal , the growls and crushing riffs hook you in as the Melody's become one tumultuous sonic attack on your ear drums.
The excellent  and my personal favourite "Hating Life" is a highlight on here while the lyrics touch a nerve as the twisted viciousness and hateful feelings bleed into your presence the deathly growls  from David Gregor will  send chills of trepidation down your spine on this highly contagious song.

The brutality continues to  infect , flowing from your sound system  as "My Weakness" detonates  unleashing its wrath,  Eric Houses Drums beat and whip your soul as the vigorous onslaught endures.Nasty swirling riffs and  rasping growls come forth on "Against The Origin" the drum beats mesmerise you as you "fall from grace".  

The speeding  "In Judgement" smashes into you, like an unstoppable freight train leaving a trail of  flesh ripping sparks in its wake.  


Then the Title track "Wounds Deeper Than Time"  curdles your brain cells with its brute force and hellishly deviant riffs from Scott Willecke  and AJ Lewandowskis deep toned Bass man ship shakes you to the core.

"Scars Within" punches you full in the face  with its invidious intent ,this will indeed scar you  ripping the tendons in your neck as you bang your head  letting loose all your pent up anger in the mosh pits of hades! Next up is  "Devour The Chaos" which is a full force of whirlwind tempos that continue to punish your neck and enthuse the listener.
"Becoming One Flesh"brings the Album to a close, its an engaging six minutes of your life that flows into your mortal being with its brutal and cutting delivery.

Morta Skuld   deliver  a  decent Old School Death Metal Album  With  "Wounds Deeper Than Time" its a tempting invitation to fans of this genre of Metal  and will attract many new fans while appeasing the bands hardcore faithful  am sure.  These Wisconsin Metallers will infect the Metal Community with there vicious  malignant sounds!

Review: Seb Di Gatto    Score:8.8/10
Reviewed: 14.01.17
1.Breathe In The Black
2.Hating Life
3.My Weakness
4.Against The Origin
5.In Judgement
6.Wounds Deeper Than Time
7.Scars Within
8.Devour The Chaos
9.Becoming One Flesh


David Gregor - Guitar/vocals
Scott Willecke - Guitar 
AJ Lewandowski- bass
Eric House - drums






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