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                                                                                 Come And Read The Words Forbidden      AFM Records


Well respected Ukrainian sound producer Max Morton has made a formidable album with 'Come And Read The Words Forbidden'.  MORTON went through more than twenty bass players and forty guitar players before they got the perfect line up, and once this was achieved, they began working on releasing this power metal monster!


With symphonic keyboards and galloping drumming you are introduced into 'Calling From The Storm', this track sets you up for a belter of an offering of melodic power metal.  'Eaglemark' continues in the same vein and is really catchy it showcases all of the bands talents and the instrumentation and production is simply fantastic. 


'Brotherhood Of Light' is probably one of the hardest tracks on this album, and will please everyone with a love of all things metal.  The pace slows down for 'Sleeping King', this is a nice mid tempo ballad with a very likeable tune which is also the band’s debut video.  'Losing Faith'  has some really impressive guitar riffs played at a neck breaking speed, this is truly metal heaven!!


'We Are The Shades' has some nice acoustic guitars and really stretches Max Morton’s vocals.

Next up is the awesome 'Oblivion', everything about this track gets into your brain, and it has to be said, this a standout track, (it was hard to decide, when nearly all of the tracks standout).  'Oblivion' is a totally impressive catchy track.  'Grimoire' is a darker number which builds up slowly in dark ambience this is played to the max and should be accompanied by a nice dark red wine,  a roaring fire and lots of candles. 

'Burning Prisoner', 'Werewolf Hunt' and 'Black Witch' continue this magnificent metal fest. 


In the same vein as  'Grimoire', 'Azrael' is a dark and intimidating number with a sinister spoken introduction, which ends suddenly as the keyboards meander into the closing track 'Weeping Bell'.  An extravagant finish to a powerful, riff tastic album from these Ukrainian dudes, I hope this album gets the promotion and recognition it so rightly deserves.  These guys have gained respect as one of the hardest working and fastest growing Ukrainian metal bands and let’s hope it pays off for them internationally.


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. Calling For The Storm
2. Eaglemark
3. Brotherhood Of Light
4. Sleeping King
5. Losing Faith
6. We Are The Shades
7. Oblivion
8. Grimoire
9. Burning Prisoner
10. Werewolf Hunt
11. Black Witch
12. Azrael
13. Weeping Bell

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