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                                                                                                                        Mothers of The Land
                                                                                                            Title: Hunting Grounds

                                                                                                            Label: Independent

                                                                                                                        Release Date: 19/06/20

This is an intriguing and fascinating Album brought to you by the all-instrumental band Mothers of The Land, who hail from Vienna, Austria.

I am surprised how much I actually liked this album, not really being a fan of instrumental works personally. It's a surreal chillout, contemplation work of art that will at times have you just staring into space as the magical vibes rock and steal your soul.

Opening with "Harvest" to my personal favorite the rumbling and addictive "Queen of the Den" to the final song "Showdown" we have the whole package here for psychedelic Rock aficionados.

This work is a trippy release that is cleverly constructed and atmospheric with highs and lows that take you on a mysterious journey, to enjoy on late nights with candles a log fire, and a bottle of wine, or driving down life's highways at speed!

I think it would be quite refreshing to see this band performing live, having played loads of gigs with international headliners like Asteroid, Elder, and Red Fang, the band provides herculean performances that lure in the audiences through the dreamy worlds they create. I would say this opus feasts on your essence and takes you on a journey of captivating highs and lows.

To sum up "Hunting Grounds" is a connoisseur’s dream, inventive, and highly accessible.


Review: Seb Di Gatto     Score:8/10

Reviewed:27/05/20              Facebook

2.Hunting Ground
3.The Beast
4.Queen of the Den

Band Line up:
Georg Pluschkowitz: Guitars 
Jack Jindra: Guitars 
Johannes Zeininger: Bass 
Jakob Haug: Drums 


Hunting Grounds Cover Artwork.jpg

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