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                                                                                Classic Album Collection   SPV / Steamhammer Records  

Motorhead's earlier work is represented in this box set and it’s a pretty damn awesome collection.  As any discerning Motorhead fan will know, their earlier albums are the true classics.  Although they have released some cracking albums since.  Their mission is to continue to tour tirelessly and to bludgeon everyone's senses, with their unique brand of metal that has influenced so many bands.

When listening to these earlier albums, no explanation is needed as to why this band are so revered.



Overkill has to be in my opinion the best album these dirty rotten scoundrels released.  Filled with classics that have stood the test of time, 'Overkill' the title track opens this album and it rampages along with thundering drums.  Lemmy's gravel voice draws you into this song, it is the perfect opener for this blues filled monster of metal and is indeed still an encore song.  

The catchy 'Stay Clean' follows and keeps the momentum going.  'Capricorn One' has a rich bluesy feel to it, then we have 'No Class', a classic and one of my favourite Motorhead tracks.  I love the ... "Shut up, you talk too loud” ... lyric as Lemmy put you in his place and is a great relevant / remedy song to all the big gobshites out there!  

'Metropolis' is not as heavy but is still a favourite and indeed still played live to this very day.  All the songs on 'Overkill' are excellent, but for me the first three are simply magnificent and the final track 'Limb from Limb' is a great closer.  After listening to this album you may need to check all your limbs are still there!



Six months after the release of 'Overkill', 'Bomber' came bolting out of the stalls and it didn’t disappoint, although the album is not held in such high regard as 'Overkill' and 'Ace of Spades', this mutha still rocks. The dark and disturbing world of heroin is told on opener 'Dead Men Tell No Tales'.  'Sweet Revenge' is an un-settling piece, a very heavy formidable song.  

'Poison' is a deep number where Lemmy shows and vents, his frustrations at his relationship with his father and life in general.  'Step Down' is a slow bluesy number featuring Eddie Clarke on lead vocals.  This album also has fan favourites the punky 'Stone Dead Forever', with amazing solos from Fast Eddie Clark and the ripping, face melting title track 'Bomber'.  

Yes this album is a good deal slower than 'Overkill' and 'Ace of Spades', but that shouldn’t detract from the fact that this album is still pretty special


Ace of Spades

When this album broke, Motorhead reached number 4 in the album charts and made everyone sit up and listen. This album brought punks and rockers even closer together.  With the blistering opener 'Ace of Spades', it’s raw metal and punk energy combined to make this song one of the most well known in the whole genre of Heavy Metal.  It just batters your senses and will never die. 

This is metal debauchery as 'Love You Like A Reptile' has Lemmy's deathly growl, then revel and jive to the sleazy tracks such as 'Fast and Loose', 'Jailbait', 'Dance' and the stunning 'The Chase is Better Than the Catch', with such intense solos.  'We Are The Road Crew' is a song inspired by Lemmy‘s time on the road with Jimmy Hendrix and his life basically.  If your head hasn't fallen off and you aren’t deafened after listening to this masterpiece, you must be a corpse!  There is not one filler on this album and it is an absolute must have if you have not got it already!


No Sleep Till Hammersmith

'No Sleep 'til Hammersmith' is Motorhead's most successful album ever, peaking at number 1 on the UK charts.  This album was building on the bands success and after extensive touring, they released what many believe to be the greatest live metal album to ever grace the world. 

Drawing from the three previous albums the trio of Lemmy (bass and vocals), "Fast" Eddie Clarke (guitar) and "Philthy Animal" Taylor (drums), rampage through this 11-song set.  It is speedier and heavier than a bat out of hell.  The album was actually recorded not at Hammersmith, but in Leeds, Newcastle and Belfast, but that shouldn’t matter this is a mammoth album it will take some doing to  bettered this .  


Iron Fist

Sadly 'Iron Fist' was the last Motorhead album with the immortal line up of Taylor / Clarke / Lemmy.  This album was a bit of a damp squib compared to their earlier releases, but there are some great songs on here such as the title song 'Iron Fist'.  The first time I had ever heard Motorhead was at age 11 and so began my love for all things Metal.  This is still a song that means a lot to me, it is fast, heavy and speeds along like an out of control control juggernaut. 

Then bluesy 'I’m The Doctor' with a change of tempo for 'Go to Hell', which is a bit of an anthem, then the gears are stepped up for the punky 'Sex & Outrage'.  'America' is a growly number about all things American (funnily enough), a country Lemmy so loves.

'(Don’t Let em) Grind Ya Down' and '(Don’t Need) Religion' are self-explanatory and inspiring, yes this album has been slated by many, but personally I think it’s a great addition to this box set.  It’s an enjoyable, heavy album, but a fun album.

Another Perfect Day


This final album is disappointing, featuring Brian Robertson, the former Thin Lizzy guitarist only made this album with the band, and was then on his way.  'Another Perfect Day' was released in 1983 and once Robertson left, the band didn’t play any track from the album until 2004!  

'Dancing on Your Grave', 'One Track Mind' and indeed most of the others don’t really sound like Motorhead's previous work.  Only 'Back at the Funny Farm' and the nasty 'Die You Bastard' are reminiscent of their earlier albums.  It’s quite a melodic album, which Motorhead are clearly not!  

It’s a strange album, very different and thank goodness they returned to the previous formula for their later albums.  'Another Perfect Day' isn’t awful, but then again, it just doesn’t sound like the Motorhead we all love and hold in such high esteem.

Definitely get hold of this box set, if you are like me and your albums / tapes have seen better days, then this is the business in a well presented box and value for money.

Review by: Seb Di Gatto


Tracklisting - Overkill

2.Stay Clean
3.(I Won't) Pay Your Price
4.I'll Be Your Sister
6.No Class
7.Damage Case
8.Tear Ya Down
10.Limb from Limb


Tracklisting - Bomber

1.Dead Men Tell No Tales 
3.Sweet Revenge
6.Stone Dead Forever
7.All the Aces
8.Step Down
9.Talking Head


Tracklisting - Ace of Spades

1.Ace of Spades
2 Love Me Like a Reptile
3 Shoot You in the Back
4 Live to Win
5 Fast and Loose
6 (We Are) The Road Crew
7 Fire, Fire
8 Jailbait
9 Dance
10 Bite the Bullet
11 The Chase Is Better Than the Catch
12 The Hammer


Tracklisting - No Sleep til Hammersmith 

1.Ace of Spades
2.Stay Clean
4.The Hammer
5. Iron Horse/Born to Lose
6.No Class
8. (We Are) the Road Crew


Tracklisting: Iron Fist

1. Iron Fist
2. Heart of Stone
3. I'm the Doctor
4. Go to Hell
5. Loser
6. Sex & Outrage
7. America
8. Shut It Down
9. Speedfreak
10. (Don't Let 'em) Grind Ya Down
11. (Don't Need) Religion
12. Bang to Rights


Tracklisting: Another Perfect Day

1.Back at the Funnyfarm
3.Dancing on your Grave
4.Rock It
5.One Track Mind
6.Another Perfect Day
7.Marching off to War
8.I Got Mine
9.Tales of Glory
10.Die You Bastard



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