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                                                                                                                     My Propane

                                                                                                                     Title: Antidote

                                                                                                                     Label: Darkside Records

                                                                                                                     Release Date:25/01/2019

Dutch Metallers My Propane return with “Antidote” and wow what an excellent alternative, aggressive platter this is, with more venom than a pissed off cobra these guys push everything to the max on this eleven-track colossus.

This biting release takes no prisoners as the Band fronted by Valerio Recenti, Jord Otto Guitar, and the rhythm section of DJ van Zon Bass, and Remon Masseling on Drums deliver a killer, face  smashing introduction as the first song “Pavokic” blasts out of your speakers. I simply love the venomous delivery as the My Propane hold you transfixed and in awe at their mastery, this is more than just another alternative Metal Album, this is a benchmark for others to aim for this is one hell of an opener and bodes well for what’s to follow as “Medusa” unleashes all hell its another powerhouse song with the pulsating Drums and tasty Guitar riffs thrown into the mix as “Antidote” seems to evolve around you and “A Dog is a Dog” lacerates and gnaws at your senses this is my personal favorite on here.


Then “Russian Pile up” rips into ya head and mashes your brain with its pounding heavy tones and heinous intent. This monstrous work of art continues with “Final Call” I simply adore the lyrics and anger that oozes out of my speakers as the pure class wraps its self around you and pierces your soul.

“Hole” is a pulsating mix of powerhouse Drums and Bass and Guitar assault that will leave everyone in head banging ecstasy as does the next song “Broken Bone” a shattering piece of Balls smashed against the wall insanity as Valerio Recentis Vocals spit out more wrath as a screeching guitar claws and mutilates your senses, fuck yeah this release just continues to fascinate and draw you in.

“Before your dead” and “Seconds” have more addictive lyrics, I love the way these guys think, these two songs verge on Metal Core with Industrial tones at times on these two numbers.


These dudes really know how to mix up their sound hell yeah, I love it!

Penultimate track “Tight rope” has some killer riffs and thunders into the room, simply stunning. Aptly named “The End” brings this release to a close another stomping, head banging treat for ya ears, that reminds me of another song. Anyway, it’s a wicked finish to a brilliant and captivating Album.   

This is an awesome piece of work and my new gym buddy, this opus is the perfect partner to work out to obliterate a boxing bag and let out all your pent up frustrations, I really hope these guys get to the UK or its back to mainland Europe for me yet again to catch another awesome band from the Netherlands, a tour with Delain would be  perfect!!

They have already toured with some of my favorite bands like Epica and Evergrey.. Go grab “Antidote” it’s a solution to all the worlds ills!!



Reviewer: Seb Di Gatto      Score:9/10         Facebook



Track Listing:



3.A Dog is a Dog

4.Russian Pile up

5.Final Call


7.Broken Bone

8.Before your dead


10.Tight rope

11.The End



Band Members

DJ van Zon - Bass

Jord Otto - Guitar

Remon Masseling - Drums

Valerio Recenti - Voz

Frank Schiphorst - Guitar

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