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                                                                                                          Still Burning

                                                                                                          Label: High Roller Records- Soulfood

                                                                                                          Release Date: 28th April 2017

“Still Burning” is incredibly Mythras Debut Album, why incredible I hear you ask…Because these icons of the NWOBHM were formed in 1978! They had an EP released in 1979 and due to poor management never got around to releasing a full-length player and kind of disappeared into the ether, or did they? Well the answer is no they did they did not.

Vaunted as an inspiration and an influence by a certain Dane Mr. Lars Ulrich of Metallica , and having sold more than 20,000 copies of the EP back in those days of flares ,the Bay City Rollers, and fondue parties, Mythra were never far from many minds and with my education of all things Metal in 1981/ 1982 I was first introduced to these North-Eastern giants and wanted to know more, But sadly, that was it from this group, or was it? Fast forward to 2015, the mighty Mythra returned to the scene, playing live at Bro fest in Newcastle Upon Tyne and releasing an Anthology containing all the old studio recordings and five new tracks written by the present line up.


This masterpiece whetted many appetites once more and has seen the guys playing more gigs and festivals in recent times , and so the logical route was to record a full Debut Album, and here it is at last  recorded in Poland with Bart Gabriel (whose wife just happens to be Marta Gabriel of the mighty Crystal Viper !!!) and signed to High Roller records “Still Burning “is pure dynamic, scintillating, Heavy Metal Heaven in a NWOBHM 2017 stylee.


Kicking off with the title track this five piece blast into your presence with a blaze of addictive grooves and head banging  exuberance combined with a nifty Guitar solo , its one catchy opening to this eleven track monstrosity.

“A Call to All” is a fist punching kick ass anthem of huge proportions, one that’s sure to be a favourite live. The next song “That Special Feeling” is the Bands thank you to fans of these NWOBHM stalwarts , the passion from Vince High on Vocals hits a nerve as you can feel how much it must mean to this Band to be back on stage playing to crowds of people loving the return of Mythra.  

“Ride the Storm” Is another hard rocking anthem with some more mouth-watering muscular Riffs delivered courtesy of Alex Perry and John Roach on Guitars mixed in with the pounding and head pummelling Rhythm section of Maurice Bates on Bass and Phil Davies on Drums, at times this reminded me of old Iron Maiden circa “Killers” which is never ever a bad thing! “Survival” sees some more dynamite riff age with more uplifting lyrics to fight the good fight with all the crap life can throw at you at times.


“Battlecry” is another huge slab of Metallic glory as you bang your head and punch the air, the band smack you full on with killer tones.

There’s no rest for the old neck or arm muscles as “Silence in The Sirens” slices into your brain and astounds you with its musical prowess.

The Band step down a few gears at first with the intro to “Sands of Time” it then ignites into a full-on classic of epic moments that has a clear , strong , positive message, to look forward not back, I think this is my favourite although that’s hard to say as every time I hit Play on” Still Burning” it changes!  


“Victory” is a hard-hitting track that simply leaves you breathless with its powerful delivery.  “We Belong” is a powerful and intense number again with a clear message it is simply a massive song.   “Fundamental Extreme” ends this work of art with a blistering pace to make you want more… let’s hope there will be a follow up sooner rather than later the second Album is so important you know, don’t make us wait so long!!  


The Lyrical content and musicianship throughout this album is simply outstanding so If you do one thing this year… Make sure you grab a hold of “Still Burning” a proper unadulterated piece of NWOBHM pie to gorge yourself on… IT RAWKS!


Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score: 10/10   

Reviewed: 30.3.2017


Track List:

1 Still Burning

2 A Call To All

3 That Special Feeling

4 Ride The Storm

5 Survival

6 Battle Cry

7 Silence In The Sirens

8 Sands of Time

9 Victory Song

10 We Belong

11 Fundamental Extreme

Band Line up:

Vince High - Voice

Alex Perry - Guitar

John Roach - Guitar

Maurice Bates - Bass

Phil Davies – Drums





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