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                                                                                                     Title: Warriors of Time The Anthology

                                                                                                     Label:Skol Records

                                                                                                     Release Date: OUT NOW !

The Mighty Mythra return with a new album! The band who have inspired many including the likes of Lars Ulrich from Metallica, were always on the cusp of making it huge back in the late Seventies Early Eighties when the New Wave of British Heavy Metal was running rampant around the world like a pissed of Bull with a Red flag stuck to its horns! Unfortunately, Mythra, Tobruk and Blitzkreig to name a few never hit the heights they so richly deserved like their contemporaries Tygers of Pang Tang, Iron Maiden etc.


So what happened to Mythra? They returned to the Hard Rocking/ Heavy Metal scene with a vengeance, in recent times they have played Brofest and are due to hit the road in 2016. The band launched “Warriors of Time The Anthology “at the end of November via Skol records and feature the classic tracks they recorded between 1979 and the early 80s. Plus five brand new songs!


Opening with “Heaven Lies Above” you are immediately taken with the sound and production, hell this is “Proper” classic Heavy Metal the way it used to be and ohh songs I haven’t listened to in many year!

This whole experience reminds you of the first time you heard bands like Mythra, and the whole plethora of new up and coming bands on Tommy Vance’s   Friday Night Rock show, sitting, head banging and recording the show on your tape recorder, letting it all reverberate into your very soul.

The most excellent track, and one of my favourite’s sees you on a ride into deepest darkest space as “UFO” explodes from your sound system.

Ahhh the memories of youth come flooding back with Vince Highs distinctive vocals.

“New Life” is the charge of Metal Forces as you pummel the air with your raised fists then the track slows into a majestic chase as the guitars speak. “Title track “Warrior of Time” is a good time boogying, dance floor filler.


The Excellent “Vicious Bastard” plays out, and making me chuckle as I remember playing this one loud and proud and getting told off back in the day ha ha!! Also a day after the passing of Lemmy I am struck by this song and how it would not have been out of place on one of Motorheads Albums.

“At Least I tried” hurtles along and continues to show the bands expertise producing fist pumping riffs, dynamite drumming, and driving, audible bass lines combined with dazzling leads, excellent rhythm guitar can be found all over this opus.


Yet the mood is drastically changed on “Together Forever” a song of monumental balladry that slowly builds and is simply divine.

“Machine” like the previous track sees the band not Racing with the Devil as such, the drums come to the fore more on this track with the short quick fire machine gun drumming courtesy of Barry Hopper.

“Killer” is a cracking song and a real “KILLER “!! On here, with its duelling guitars and divine Metal Glory!   “England” is a song that’s relevant as it was back when this song was first penned, its intelligent and a song the band should be more than proud of it has stood the tests of time with its angst attitude and kick ass delivery!


“WASA” has some deep brooding bass lines delivered by Peter Melson, and killer riffs from Alex Perry on Lead guitar another stand out track among many on this release.

Penultimate “Overlord” throws you into a maelstrom of head banging ecstasy as it pummels your head and obliterates your senses as does the final song “Death and Destiny” a sing along chorus and a Killer song live without a doubt!


Now to the new tracks recorded in 2015 all of the tracks encapsulate the Old School sound but obviously bang up to date in a 2015 stylee the opener “Reaching Out” is as catchy as hell. Then the explosive and captivating second track rattles your speakers, as the band tell you in no uncertain terms “The Best is Yet to Come”!  

Heads down as “You” delivers with a venom that a rattlesnake would be proud of with it’s addictive lyrics delivered with meaning and verve this is another stand out track for me from the rejuvenated Mythra.

“Face in The Mirror” reminded me heavily of Maiden, which is never a bad thing in my mind, the riffs and solos are gigantic and absorbing.


“Faith? Fate? Hate?” finishes of this work of art from days of old to days ahead, the future is brighter than ever for these North East Rockers they sign off with this anthem, it’s a catchy song, another that will go down well live!

For me personally this re-release is a must have, a keep sake, having had the original Album back in the day and misplaced it and not being able to pay crazy money for the original in this day and age it’s amazing to re hear all of these tracks that meant so much to me in my youth, and of course the new songs, it’s a clear ten out of ten from me.

A Very special mention needs to go to  Bart Gabriel who has worked wonders with the remastering on “Warriors of Time” the outcome is phenomenal!


I will leave the final words and ethos to  Frontman Vince High who previously told Team Rock they wanted to set the record straight with the authorised collection. He said:

“This Anthology release is important for several reasons – not least of which is the fact that the CD release in 1998 was done without any input from the band whatsoever. The company concerned even got some of the song titles wrong. We didn't know it had been released until after it came out. It's now long out of print and fans are having to pay silly money on the net."


Only 1000 copies will be made of Warriors Of Time, which comes complete with lyrics to all songs and a host of previously unseen photographs. The artwork was painted by Italian artist Roberto Toderico, who has worked previously with other NWOBHM acts including Tygers Of Pan Tang and Quartz.


Review: Seb Di Gatto    Score :10/10

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1.Heaven Lies Above

2.New Life


4.Warrior Of Time

5.Vicious Bastard

6.At Least I Tried

7.Together Forever






13.Death And Destiny

Bonus tracks

14.Reaching Out

15.The Best Is Yet To Come


17.Face In The Mirror

18.Faith, Fate, Hate




Vince High - Vocals

Alex Perry - Guitar

John Roach - Guitar

Maurice Bates - Bass

Phil Davies - Drums

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