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                                                                                                 Title: Temple of Madness
                                                                                                 Label: Classic Metal Records
                                                                                                 Release date: May 2023 
New Wave Of British Heavy Metal icons Mythra returns with “Temple of Madness” with a new vocalist in situ and a mean and tasty twelve tracks to enthuse the masses and have everyone punching the air with a mighty roar as the North East's finest deliver the goods.
Having been listening to an of lot Death Metal recently its nice to step back and have some pure traditional metal as “Stabbed In The Back” opens up proceedings with singer Kev Mcguire setting out his stall with fiery catch lyrics this one stays in your head for days with its meaty riffs courtesy of Alex Perry and John Roach and the pounding rhythm section of Phil Davies on Drums and Maurice Bates on Bass this is a 
a purebred classic metal opener that leads into my favourite track on here “Split the Veil” with its maniacal laugh from Mcguire its unbridled metal that sees your raising your horns in acknowledgment of this blistering track.

Things are slowed down a tad as “All In Your Mind” rocks up with its mesmerizing tones and singalong chorus which screams to be played live!

Every track on here is rife with catchy riffs and great harmonies as “Failure of Fortune” and the glorious “Prophecy” work their magic love the 80s vibe throughout this opus but no more so than on these two numbers as that wonderful time of “proper metal” is brought kicking and screaming into 2023. The title is up next love its gentle opening as it builds into something sublime as we delve into the “Temple of Madness”.

The album continues its no-nonsense approach as the excellent “The Reaper” fires up on all cylinders with some killer riffs followed by “Dangerous” a salute to the gods in the skies as the guys weave a spell on you. The guns continue to blaze as “Vertigo” spins into the room. 

“Light in The Sky” sees the pedal eased off the metal a touch til we get to the blistering solo. Hell yeah! “Stir The Echo’s” is another crowd-pleasing number with its chorus a surefire winner. “Wild And Free” is a no-nonsense finish to a stellar work by one of the finest stalwarts of NWOBHM who have returned loud and proud so make sure you check out this fine work of art and worship at “The Temple of Madness”  

Review:Seb Di Gatto

Reviewed:30/04/23                                               Score:9/10


1.Stabbed In The Back

2.Split The Veil

3.All In Your Mind

4.Failure Of Fortune


6.Temple of Madness

7.The Reaper



10.Light in The Sky

11.Stir The Echos

12.Wild And Free


Band Lineup:

Maurice Bates Bass guitar

Alex Perry Guitar

Kev Mcguire Vocals

Phil Davies Drums

John Roach Guitar



The Metal Gods Meltdown

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