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                                                                                             NATIONAL SUICIDE


                                                                                             Label: Scarlet Records

                                                                                             Release Date: 22 July 2016


Thrash Metal is and will always be a fun packed get ya head down and Mosh your life away kick ass genre and National Suicide from Italia prove the point with their new Album Another Round.

 This is a fun album that really  pleases , it  has you banging your head and partying, that’s the whole point of Thrash right? opening with “No Shot No Dead” it’s fast and damn furious and will see you smashing into the pit, okay it’s not innovative by any means, but who cares I don’t! Drenched in Old School Eighties Metal, it  appeals to me cos that’s when I got into the whole scene , and the fact is it is  still relevant today , that says a lot, okay you can tell these guys had a hell of a time making this Album.


“I Refuse to Cry” has some nifty riffs and a fist punching the air sing along chorus for you to sing back at these Latin thrashers. There’s no let up as “Scene of The Crime” assaults your senses the guitar man ship dazzles and you will be  head banging and continuing to punch the air in a Metal Fury.

Sirens and gunfire open the Album title “Another Round” and this is probably a highlight. as I have stated the band aint bona fide Thrashers, but hell, if you love a good tune this is one I would definitely recommend to introduce you to these miscreants the solo rocks your socks off! “Fire At Will” err has lyrics that would suit a Glam band, but do they ha ha?? , who cares its fun so that’s all that matters, really ya can’t fault the lyrical themes throughout the album.

 “Nobody’s Coming”  is another highlight but  not mega fast , I just love the lyrics and the finger licking riffs   Hit that damn pit and Mosh your soul out as “Second To None” tears through your speakers man jump off the stage and thrash yaself senseless!! I Am! “What The Fuck is Goin on” sums up the UK right now ! but seriously this has some neat riffs and plants itself deeply into your head. And indeed “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOIN ON “!  


“I Have No Fear” brings the release to its end , again it’s a thrash monsters heaven and while it is  not going to change anything or  set the world on fire this is a  competent album and makes sure you jump into the fire of Thrashing delirium!


So finally:

This release is drenched in Eighties Bay Area Thrash and while not being original does it matter?? NOOOOOO!! Get a Hold of this Album and Thrash, Bash and Mosh your life away to National Suicide! I have and will continue to  keep an eye out for their upcoming tour , make sure you get a poster of the artwork, to piss off   your non Metal Head pals!   


Review : Seb Di Gatto    Score :8/10



1.No Shot No Dead

2.I Refuse To Cry

3.Scene of The Crime


5.Fire At Will

6.Nobodys Coming

7.Second to None

8.What The Fuck is goin on

9.I Have No Fear


Band Lineup

TIZ - Guitar
VALLE- Guitar
IVAN - Bass
VENDER - Drums



The Metal Gods Meltdown

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