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                                                                                                     National Suicide Interview  July 2016


MM: Hey great to chat to you . Congratulations on your new album, how excited are you as release day approaches.


Mini:Thanx a lot, Seb … Well, our conscience is easy, you know … The Album sounds good and it’s just what we wanted.


MM: How pleased are you with the responses from the media.

Mini: Anotheround” is a typical example of “you love it or hate it” Work. Those who love the Old School Way to play Metal say that the Album is good. They understand what this Band is all about, and these 9 songs don’t fall short of their expectations. Generally speaking, we’re having very good marks


MM: Is there a specific reason for the Album title


Mini:This is our second Album and it’s another round in our personal game too. We “fight” to keep the underground Old School Thrash Metal alive, can you understand me Seb? We’re not lookin’ for innovation at all costs. We just want to write some good new song in the same old way: nothing more, nothing less.


MM: Which song is your favourite from “Another Round” today and why ?

Mini:Personally, I like “Scene Of The Crime” because of the story and the sick atmosphere …


MM: If I was new to National Suicide which two tracks would you play me.


Mini: Mmm … Maybe “No Shot No Dead” and “I Refuse To Cry”. I think they can be representative of our style. MM: The Album is a total 80`s Thrash fest , what bands influenced you growing up . - Keep in mind that I’m 47, Seb … So, this Band is not simply aping the Old School … Let’s say that we still play that old stuff nowadays. We’re influenced by Overkill, Exodus, Megadeth, of course … and some underground Thrash Metal, Punk Rock, and Rock’n’Roll Band too.


MM: Did you all have involvement with the Album Artwork?

Mini:Absolutely not. We commissioned the Artwork to a friend of ours. MM – National Suicide are just starting to burst into the limelight, if given the opportunity, which current artist or band would you like to perform alongside on tour? - Good question, my Friend … Exodus, I think; but even Gama Bomb, Fuled By Fire, Bonded By Blood, Municipal Waste.


MM: What are the bands touring plans. -

Mini:We’re going to play somewhere in Italy, Spain and Germany … Who knows? Everything depends on the promoters.


MM: Hows the Metal Scene in Italy?

Mini:Well, in Italy we’ve got some very good Bands: Game Over, Baphomet’s Blood, Warhawk, Violentor, HI-GH, Acidity, Injury, Adversor, Ultra-Violence … Too many to tell … We respect them all for what they’re doin’.


MM: What was the last Album you listened too.

Mini:GAME OVER – Crimes against Reality


MM: Tell me why we should buy

Mini:“Another Round” - Just because “Anotheround” is a good Old School Thrash Metal Album. And you better know all those bloody songs before coming to the show and crashing into the pit! Ahahah … We’re waitin’ for you, guys!


MM: Four words to describe National Suicide 

Mini:Adrenalinic, impulsive, violent, true.


MM: Final words for your fans and our Readers

Mini:Thanx a lot, girls and boys. Hope you’re gonna like “Anotheround” and join the Massacre Elite. Remember that a Thrasher’s Work is never done, so … See you soon at the dive bar!!! Defend The Line … MINI









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