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                                                                                       Title:The Future,Tonight 
                                                                                       Label:Noble Demon.
                                                                                       Release Date:18th June 2021

I first came across Neonfly in 2011. I think it was at a festival over in Manchester, and they blew us away with their performance of high energy and Metal verve. Fast forward to 2021 and we have their third Album ready to rock your socks off!  Having built up an army of devoted fans and despite tours with some heavyweights and massive festival appearances the world is somewhat still not totally aware of the presence of these mighty fine rockers from London. This is about to change with the release of the band's much anticipated new release "The Future Tonight". 

There has always been a majestic feel about the band’s sound and opener "The World is Burning"' really keeps that vibe about it as a salvo of intent shines through. Willy Norton has a wonderful voice that just takes you away on a magical carpet ride of aural pleasure.  "Last of our Kind" is pure candy for the ears. its magnificent moves kick in the doors as we all sing along the chorus and clench your fists and salute these mega talented guys. This is going to be a killer live as is  personal favourite "Flesh and Blood", a stunningly addictive tune that rocks your soul. Hell yeah Neonfly are back! Title track "The Future tonight" has the bonus of Soilwork frontman Bjorn Strid making an appearance. This is a monumental song that deals with mental health, addiction, and depression subjects that are close to this reviewer’s heart. It is a massive tune with uplifting moves and pounding rhythm which is, simply a pure Metal Meltdown with a killer video that must be seen!

"Beating Hearts" slows the tempo down. Full of highs that will have the crowds singing along in unison in no time at all.  "More than a Lifetime" is a pure beauty of a ballad, one for cruising down life's highways. The guitar solo simply tingles one’s spine.
Pounding Drums and the head bangingly awesome "Another Eden" and "Steal the World" feature Kaan Tasan delivering the goods making both songs a riff tastic face-meltingly awesome Metal Core roller coaster ride of venomous intent! I think these two tracks will be a pleasant surprise for the bands fans. Both are simply immense. Talking of something different, the deep and doomy ninth number has symphonic melodies and a Sabbathy feel that has you hanging on to every word as “Final Warning" shocks and leaves you in total awe! Talking of being dumbstruck, wait til you get " The Things We Left Behind (And The Things That Slipped Away)" a massive track to end a MASSIVE work of art from Neonfly. Melodic Metal Album of the year? I think so!!

Review:Seb Di Gatto           Score: 10/10


1.This World is Burning
2.Last of Our Kind
3.Flesh and Blood
4.The Future, Tonight (ft.Bjord Strid)
5.Beating Hearts
6.More Than a Lifetime
7.Another Eden (ft. Kaan Tasan)
8.Steal the World (ft. Kaan Tasan)
9.Final Warning
10.The Things We Left Behind (And The Things That Slipped Away)


Band Lineup:
Frederick Thunder – Guitar 
Paul Miller – Bass, backing vocals 
Willy Norton – Vocals 
Declan (Dec) Brown – Drums, percussion




cover Neonfly - The Future Tonight.jpg

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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