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                                                                                              New Generation Superstars
                                                                                Rock N Roll Or Die   Underdog Records  

Nottingham rockers New Generation Superstars have finally released their long awaited and highly anticipated 3rd album, the follow up to the excellent 'Raising The Stakes' with 'Rock N' Roll or Die' and it has the same punk angst attitude combined with the rocking bedlam so loved by their fans.  Radio static, air raid sirens then BANG!  There, the unmistakable vocals and NGS sound, telling you HOW IT IS! The lyrics are excellent, and as always with NGS this is no bull shit rock n' roll!


Opener 'Rock n Roll or die' is a dig at all these talent(less) shows on T.V. to find the next big thing, when really they are out there already plying their trade in the clubs and pubs up and down the country!  This song tells it to you, the lack of coverage for hard working talented bands like these lads from Nottingham.  This is no holds barred rock n roll how it should be, with a raised finger to the sycophant music establishment!   


Second song in and 'Bastards' has to be the strongest track on here, it's class! And I can see this catching on and being sung in many a beer soaked venue as the band take you through this anthem of rock n' roll home truths!  'Can’t Live Without Them' and 'Black Heart' continue the sing-along partying songs.  'Hell City' kicks and jams this is a going out song, slap on the makeup, get your Jack Daniels and party in 'Hell City' with NGS!!!   


'Guess What' intro is as funny as hell, and many have been there, telling someone to shut the fuck up as their singing could peel wall paper! This is excellent fun.  And 'Guess What? Get Fucked!!!' another song that’s going to be loved, it’s guaranteed, as is the addictive 'Rockstar', hell the whole album is going to be enjoyed and partied to, there isn’t a dud track on here. 


Final track 'Wasted Time' slows the mood down a tad and finishes off an excellent 3rd album by this band.  The thought provokinq lyrics by A.J. should be listened to and heard, throughout the bands three albums, this band should be so much more.  Having built up a huge following in their hometown and ardent fan base in Finland this road hardened band have really more than raised the “Stakes” and delivered an album that is catchy, in your face, and fun as rock n' roll should be and always will be. It also must be added that, having first caught this band supporting Love / Hate a few years back we were totally blown away by the bands enthusiasm and rock n roll bedlam, when  NGS come to town you are guaranteed a party! 


If you haven't seen or heard of New Generation Superstars you are missing out, grab a hold of the bands work and get yourself to a venue where these rock n rollers are tearing up a venue soon as you possibly can! This band are cool “Rock N Roll Bastards”!!

Review by: Seb Di Gatto


1. Rock n' Roll Or Die
2. Bastards
3. Can't Live Without Them
4. Black Heart
5. Life Of Crime
6. Hell City
7. Guess What
8. My Life
9. The Price
10. Rockstar
11. Solid Gold (L.T.G.T.R.)
12. Waste Of Time

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