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                                                  Closer To The Threshold     Independent Release  

Here we have an album of no nonsense Heavy Metal, delivered by Midland rockers Nightblade. 

This is how Metal used to be! It’s great when a band pull out all the cards and win hands down as Nightblade have done here we have ten tracks of mean, gritty, blistering, pure head-banging Metal Meltdown.  


Opening with 'Over My Dead Body' the band deals a hand of punchy riffs to please Metallers old and new.  I am kind of dragged back to my youth as album title 'Closer To The Threshold'chugs and twirls into my conscience.  Its twin guitars, melodic overlays and steady beating drums transport me back to days when I had no grey hairs, was as fit as a fiddle and generally upsetting the neighbours with Diamond Head! ..  Ahh nostalgia!


Without a doubt 'Devil’s Advocate' is the monster tune on here, from the opening choir infused keyboards, this starts slow and then bursts into life as they man the guns and fire a salvo of riffs, drums and a full on catchy chorus.  Mark Crosby on vocals, Dave Parrish guitars, Bill Fitzsimmons on bass and drummer Rich Lawley really have a Metal anthem here make no mistake! 

'You Always Remain' opens with Sabbath infused riffs and then you are taken into eight minutes of heads down, doom nation, it’s terrific! The tempo speeds up with 'Out Of Commission' and then takes a doomy turn with 'Your Soul Right Of Way'.  The band have really come up trumps, admittedly nearly all the tracks are over five minutes, but Nightblade deliver and don’t waste the length of songs, its competent professional musician ship throughout.  


'Tongue Tied and Broken' is the slowest track on here and keeps your attention as the lyrics wash over you, then In the final minutes it speeds up and then Parrish delivers a warning as you crash and burn.  'On Blackened Days' has that Sabbath vibe again and nicely finishes off the album.


I just can’t fault it really, maybe younger reviewers will, but it’s a kick back to my youth in the Eighties so am not going to complain! The band wear their hearts on their sleeves and these veterans are clearly influenced by Maiden, Sabbath and the NWOBHM.  So basically if you love your old school metal with a modern edge, go and grab a hold of 'Closer To The Threshold' and make sure you also check out the bands 2011 debut album 'Servant to Your Lair' as well!!


Review by: Seb Di Gatto




1. Over My Dead Body
2. Closer To The Threshold
3. Devil's Advocate
4. You'll Always Remain
5. It's All About You
6. Out Of Commission
7. Your Soul, Right Of Way
8. Shadow Of Doubt
9. Tongue Tied And Broken
10. On Blackened Days

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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