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                                                                                    Efthimis Karadimas (Nightfall)  

                                                                                          4 January 2013   

MMG: Hi, great to meet you.   
EK - Thanks for your time mate, appreciate!

MG: Could you give us a brief history of the present band? 
EK - Nightfall is around for two decades now with nine (9) full length releases; the last two (2) Astron Black & the Thirty Tyrants and Cassiopeia through the legendary Metal Blade records.  Current line up is a blend of Greek, German, and US members. Cool, isn’t it?


MG: 'Cassiopeia' is due to be released soon, how much of a progression is it from the 2010 release 'Astron Black and the Thirty Tyrants'?
EK - I was the sole composer in 'Astron Black & the Thirty Tyrants', while in 'Cassiopeia' it’s me and Evan Hensley together. We found out we had lots of good ideas we could work on and that cooperation added value to the whole product. In 'Cassiopeia' you will listen many guitar leads and solos that boost tracks. The whole atmosphere now reminds me of old Mercyful Fate guitar works yet always in the death metal vein of Nightfall.


MG: Which songs from 'Cassiopeia' are your personal favourites and why?
EK - They all sound great to my ears. I mean, Nightfall is not the sort of band releasing stuff as an excuse to hit the road or to introduce new merchandise designs and stuff. What we produce is always what we want to say in a precise and sincere manner. No bullshitting here.


MG: Can we expect a full tour in support of the new album? 
EK - We are open to offers but we are not here to sell our souls for rock n roll. A good tour is always a good tour while anything less will only make the band and the fans suffer. You know, we feel blessed having the means and the time to turn our inner shit into small tragedies, and moreover to sing about them and sharing them with other people who may feel the same, through studio recordings. But gigs to promote them further ..  well I think we miss the commercial potential of this affair in its whole, and frankly speaking we don’t feel bad about it.

MG: What's the Metal scene like in Greece?
EK -  It is very strong and unique. There are venues of any type and fans that support all kinds of metal bands.

MG: The band was first formed 20 years ago, what would you say has been the biggest achievement  for the band?
EK - To exist in a highly competitive environment without following the typical patterns of success is a small victory we still celebrate about it. We still consider this band and the extreme metal in general as members of a subculture; you know, those minor entities following their own rules. Regretfully, the last few years cheap money through extensive credit affected this side of art too. Bigger budgets created even bigger expectations in terms of sales and stuff and many bands originally founded to express their feelings unconventionally through art turned themselves into professional entertainers keen to provide fans with anything the latter want to hear and see as long as they pay for it.
MG: Who would be the ultimate bands to share a stage with?
EK - No particular preference; nice people are always welcome J

MG: Feelings on the current Metal scene? 
EK - As stated here above the massive amounts of money poured into societies the last decades took their toll in subcultures. These entities are made of people who serve a purpose based on their own artistic needs and usually work in poor conditions without the goodies mainstream music industry provides. That atmosphere changed in the mid 90’s and lasts till now. Making a serious profit and doing expensive productions while not being a mainstream band is oxymoron. I am sure current recession will cure this anomaly and soon will free our beloved music from any kind of gold diggers appeared recently. Play pop guys. The money is there. Go!
MG: Any final words for our readers?
EK - Thank you for being there!
Interview by: Seb Di Gatto

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