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                                                                                                                  The Puritan
                                                                                                           Label :Despotz Records
Its been five years since Nightrage released an album, and in that time the band Have recruited a new vocalist in  Ronnie Nyman from the band Always War.

Added to the mix the bands original guitarist Maros Iliopouls , bassist Anders Hammer , with the added addition of   Johan Numez on drums  The band return with eleven fuel fired death defying Metal tracks that will hopefully  see the band firmly back in peoples minds, .  So has it been worth the wait ? I would say maybe , and yes if the band can keep the same vocalist? This is the Melodic Death Metallers sixth album with their fourth front man!  Title track  "The Puritan" opens proceedings it is neck snapping,  fast ,and brutal the song is vicious and menacing with Nyman spitting the lyrics out.
"With A Blade of a Knife" is truly slashing, cutting , so frantic, and nasty  contorting into a fury of  head banging delirium. "Desperte Vows" is brooding , drumming into your head with a catching chorus and some imposing guitar man ship this will  become a favorite in no time. I really liked "Endless Night" its  dark and oppressive bass , hellish growls ignite an inferno in your mind then peters out gently as the song comes to its conclusion.


The album is pretty damn relentless and continues to please the ears as "Foul Vile Life"  and "Stare into Infinity" continue the  Melodic Death Metal Meltdown. There is a two minute respite on "Lone Lake" for me personally it would have been better as the final track, a kind of kick back after the previous ten tracks where Nightrage melted your brain with their brand of Melodic Death Metal. Order is soon restored  "Son of Sorrow" screams in your ear and violates your senses.

Album highlight "When Gold Turns to Rust" stalks you relentlessly, and  hunts you down, its a mighty fine beast and one to be heard and enjoyed, while bouncing around a frenzied mosh pit!  Jumping to the final track"Kiss of a Sycophant" this is a full Metal onslaught to finish a competent return for Nightrage, I think "Puritan" is worth getting ,although there really is  nothing vastly original it still keeps the formula, its an enjoyable number  and will see

the Metal world take notice once again in Nightrage, I am sure.

Review : Seb Di Gatto   score.8.5/10                                Facebook    Website

 1. The Puritan
2. With a Blade of a Knife
3. Desperate Vows
4. Endless Night
5. Foul Vile Life
6. Stare into Infinity
7. Lone Lake
8. Son of Sorrow
9. When Gold Turns to Rust
10. Fathomless
11. Kiss of a Sycophant


Marios Iliopoulos - Guitars
Anders Hammer - Bass
Ronnie Nyman – Vocals
Johan Nunez – Drums

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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