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                                                                                               Label: Mausoleum Records

Nitrovolt hail from Germany and they have released an album full of high adrenaline, punk inspired,  rocking metal rhythms to get you moving and jumping around the room.

The album title is 'Panzer' and like the tank, Nitrovolt launches a volley of molten metal destroyer riffs and highly charged vocals to waken the dead.  


This is the bands second album and kicks off in a fast paced style with 'Pay the Price' this isn’t original, but it will have you tapping your feet and causing havoc! The track has a bite and growl of a rabid set of wolfs, bearing their teeth, it's howling, biting and rolling!!!

Fast and heavy is the order of the day there’s simply no let up as 'Rock It Out' sees the band kicking and knocking you to the floor with a fast grooved punk tinged meltdown.  'Don’t Let Go' is fifty seconds of po-going, bouncing around with the vaults wrecking crew, as the sweat pours and nifty riffs are explored and partied to in the extreme.

So three songs in and  you get the idea that this band are here to stay and to deliver some mean lyrics and riffs to get said mayhem started.  


Slower tracks include 'Lie To You', which cools the punk angst down and is a fine rocking number.  I can see some Motorhead influences with Nitrovolt and this track is an example of the bands influences. 

Another slower number is 'Hardrock Queen', reminding me very much of Love/Hate. 

Between the two slower songs you get coffin nails spat from Lucifer’s mouth with 'Into The Night', the drums are beaten black and blue as you are dragged screaming 'Into the Night'.  


I actually found the shorter tracks really appealed to me more than the bands longer tracks, for instance 'Born to Love' and 'So You Die' just simply deliver and are just under two minutes of heart stopping, stomping excitement.   The longest track is the final song 'Hail Hail' and yeah, all I want to say is 'Hail Hail' to Nitrovolt!!


I feel Nitrovolt have taken the essence of British punk and transfused it into a complete smorgasbord of high speeding metallic riffs.

Don’t forget the disclaimer from Nitrovolt: Warning!!!  Ladies and gentlemen, a word of warning: before listening to 'Pänzer' please fasten your seat belts (and we want to hear only one click!) and hold on for your life, cause NitroVolt is about to take you on a bone-shaking high-speed mega-horse-powered turbo-charged roller-coaster ride! .. You have been warned!


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. Pay The Price
2. Rock It out
3. Don't Let Go
4. Twisted Shot Of Booze
5. Lie To You
6. Into The Night
7. Hardrock Queen
8. Going Down
9. Born To Love
10. Get Rid
11. So You Die
12. Hail Hail

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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