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                                                                                   Dirty Wings    Label: Mausoleum Records
                                                                                               Release date: March 20 – 2015
"Dirty Wings" is Nitrovaults third album, its fast, speeding delivery will leave you totally shell shocked! These guys turn up, plug in and take you on a sky rocket ride fuelled on speed  and delirious anthems to bruise and batter your mind.

Formed back in 2014 this is the German quartets  follow on from the highly catching and addictive "Panzer" which I reviewed for The Metal Gods Meltdown in 2013.


"Dirty Wings  throttles you, spins you around the room with generous helpings of killer fun lyrics the band have stepped up to the plate smashed it and trampled the room with their addictive hard rocking swagger.

Opening with "NV" Its gonna be one the bands standout songs at shows , its high octane delivery will get you shouting "NITROVAULT" as these Teutonic maniacs stalk the stage and rip some angst into the room.

Compared to Motorhead and Zeke (American Hardcore punk band from Seattle) you can clearly see why with rip roaring numbers like "Takes To Long" and album title "Dirty Wings",( which for me is a tune that stands out amongst the rest), with a shredding and mean delivery that  scorches your ear drums and burns your wings with its fluid contagious sound.


The band  knocks out ya teeth with "Hold on the Trace" a guitar solo captures your very  being , hell yeah talking of solos "Killer In Your Back " has some mean riffs. "Target" sees you fastening your seat belt as Nirtovault speed down the autobahn, its high octane fuelled delivery mixed in with slower moments will enthuse and please you.


I was very curious to see the song title "Lick it Up" thinking Kiss cover really? thankfully Not ! this is the Vaults own song and it really   thrashes  , a sing along song  to get you grooving and partying into the night. "Running The Race" stomps on your head  , shaking those walls, love the "Fuck Off" line as the song reaches its conclusion.


Penultimate track "The Wolf" bares its teeth and splinters windows, as the final and highly amusing "Drugs" delivers and stays in your head for days !
Nitrovault have toured and worked hard to bring their infectious Punk inspired Hard rocking music to the crowds they have won many many new fans the world over , "Dirty Wings" can only mean many many more new fans and worshippers am sure, its not gonna change the world but this is proper music delivered with angst, venom and leather.


So basically if you like your music Fast and fucking furious "Dirty Wings" is for you and definitely not for the faint hearted and boring turn it up and ROCK OUT!
                             Score: 8/10               Facebook    Website
01. NV
02. Takes Too Long
03. Dirty Wings
04. Hold On The Trace
05. Killer in Your Back
06. Zeke Saturday
07. Stuck
08. Target
09. Backfire
10. Lick It Up
11. Runnin’ The Race
12. The Wolf
13. Drugs



NitroTom - Vocals / Guitar
Louis Nitrovolt
Bass NitroTim
Guitar NitroUlas
Drums ty hooks

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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