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                                                                                            NO:IR  Interview  13/06/21

MM: How would you describe your bands sound to people who are new to your band 

S: The easiest way to sum up NO:IR genre-wise is Alternative Metal. I always struggle to describe our sound as it’s not one specific genre, our music is about creating something new and it’s always progressing. I don’t ever want to confine myself or the band to a genre, we’re not trying to write music of a certain style. 


MM: Where did the band's name come from and what other names did you consider.

S: We were sitting on various names for about 2 years whilst developing our sound until we came up with NO:IR. It comes from our love of art and what it’s able to convey. 


MM: Your EP gets released in June how excited and impatient are you waiting for its release

S: We are all really excited to share it with our listeners, we have been waiting to release this for a while so I’m curious to see how people react to it. It’s our debut onto the metal scene and really shows what NO:IR is about, we are pushing the boundaries a lot with this EP and showing all the different elements and styles of our sound.


MM: You recently released "Spineless" which is a killer track and has been on repeat here. How pleased are you with the responses to this song so far.

S: Thank you! The response has been great so far, a lot of people really dig the track and are sharing it around.

MM: How does the songwriting process work in the Band is it down to one particular person or all involved

S: NO:IR is a combination of all five of us, everything is written together as a band. Sometimes one of us will take more of a lead towards writing a track but the NO:IR sound is built from the different influences and styles each member brings to the band. It wouldn’t be the same if one of us wasn’t involved in the creative process. 

MM: Do you think gigs will ever return to normal after these crazy covid days

S: Yeah definitely. Hopefully sooner rather than later!

MM: Do you have plans for a release party or doing some live streaming on EP release day

S: It’s all covid dependent, based on the current situation we are doing a release show on the 23rd in our hometown, followed by a UK headline tour.

MM: When did you first get introduced to Rock music and can you remember your first ever performance

S: I must have been 8 or 9 when I really got into music. Michael Jackson was my first favourite artist, I remember always listening to his more ‘rock’ tracks like ‘Beat It’ and ‘Dirty Diana’, and it just spread from there. Me and my twin Jake (who plays bass in the band) used to watch Kerrang and Scuzz on the TV which introduced us to heavier music. My first ever performance was in Bristol with my first band.

MM: Who would be your ultimate touring buddies 

S: Probably bands who are closest to us in terms of music, so bands like Hacktivist, Bring Me The Horizon or Loathe.

MM: What is the most memorable show you've ever done 

S: I don’t think I could name one specific show just cos we have played so many amazing shows. We usually have the most memorable shows in our hometown!

MM: For you personally what Bands influenced you the most

S: I find influence from so many different artists, but I’d say when writing the EP I was really influenced by trip-hop, so artists like Tricky and Massive Attack. As a guitarist I’m really influenced by John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and At The Drive In. 

MM: If you were stuck in quarantine for a year with any musician alive or dead who would you have with you.

S: Probably Childish Gambino!

MM: The Rock and Metal world has many outstanding bands, who would you say is your favorite.

S: I don’t really have a favourite, it would depend on when you ask me. Today is Amy Winehouse, tomorrow it could be Cattle Decapitation. 

MM: Four words to describe NO:IR

S: Energetic, Unique, Exciting and Emotive

MM: Finish this sentence for me “Everybody needs NO:IR in their lives because

S: It’s a fresh and unique take on the fusion between metal.



1.Festival or small intimate gig
S: Festival 
2.Thrash or be Thrashed
S: Thrash 
3.chips or Beer
S: chips
4.heaven or hell
S: heaven 
5.headbang or bang your head against a wall
S: Headbang 

MM: Any final words for your fans and our viewers/ listeners

S: Make sure to go and check out our debut EP ‘Are We Really Alive?’ out on all platforms worldwide on June 18th.

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