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                                                                                                         Nomans Land Interview 

MG: Hi, Great to chat to you, "The Last Crusade" is due to be released on the 23rd of June, whats the media and fans reaction been like so far. 

Ainar: I would like to thank you for the interest to our band and introducing us to the Metal readers! 

Of course, such a significant event as the first release in the United States in the band history did not go unnoticed by fans, which we hope will be even more after the release. Well, you are the first to take us an interview on the subject, as well as the first American media that we give the interview. We are glad to meet you! 

MG: Why the Album title "The Last Crusade" 


Ainar:The idea of the name is taken from the song that we had called «Last Crusade». This name seemed to us quite interesting and sonorous, and so we decided to call the album. At least it reflects our resolute musical spirit. At first we had planned to shoot the video to this song and that’s why we‘d chosen this song as a main. Later we decided to shoot the video for the song «Strain at the Oars» but the title of the album left without any changes. 

MG: Who writes your songs? and what made No Mans Land go down the Viking Metal road when you formed? 

Ainar:Music is being created by all band members. Lyrics are written by Hjervard and Alex. 

When we started, Viking metal was the most fashionable and fresh style of the unknown and we just wanted to play it. St. Petersburg is located in close proximity to Scandinavia and we are also close to the Scandinavian myths and legends about the Vikings and their Gods. We know a good judge of it. Our music during the existence of the team has undergone some stylistic evolution, but we still remain true to the spirit of the Vikings. 

MG: Do you have a personal Favourite track you are looking forward to playing live from "The Last Crusade"? 

Ainar:It’s hard to say. Everyone, I think, has a favorite song. When you work on creating songs for the new album you try to make each well. And they are all very important and only after a while, you know some of them are really important. I do not think I'm able to give you such an assessment now. Good album as well as a good cognac, it takes time to «mature». I take the position, and I note «Strain at the Oars». By the way, we have made the video for this song. Look at YouTube and enjoy. I also really like the «Warrior's Path» 

MG: No Mans Land Plans for the rest of 2015 

Ainar:We will devote the rest of this year working on material for the next album which we are now actively engaged in. By the way, some new songs have been already made at this moment. 


MG: The Album cover is interesting did all of the band have an input into the artwork?  

Ainar:It took us a long time thinking about the cover. The views were very different and we would like to move a little away from our past ideas. As a result, disputes have led us to a dead end. And we have not appeared to the consensus. Therefore, we decided to make a final decision in this matter together with guys from Massacre-Records. We shared our thoughts to them and result of it you can see now. I think the cover is not bad! [


MG: You have been around nearly 20 years , over that time the Music world has changed, What has been your biggest challenge as a band?  

Ainar:We always wanted to be and wanted to challenge themselves. Embody all the best sides and the possibility of music Nomans Land, and for that we had to solve many problems which were also a challenge in itself. We play only what we feel and what we like to play, without looking around to the mainstream bands or something else.  


MG: Which bands first got you into Heavy Metal  

Ainar:It’s old school bands - Slayer, Kreator, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Annihilator etc. 


MG: Whats the Metal scene like in Russia and do you have a favourtie City/Town to Play in your homeland and why? 


Ainar:Metal scene in Russia is quite developed. There are many different groups that are completely all directions of metal style. And it should be noted that the metalheads are ideological guys in the Russia because Metal music in Russia in the vast majority is not commercial. 

We are patriots of our city and of course, it is St. Petersburg! 


MG: Which four bands would you most like to share a stage with? 

Ainar:I think that four bands may not limit my desires. But if you stick with the musical and stylistic things, then perhaps they are Ensiferum, Amon Amarth, Korpiklaani. In addition to these bands, it would be nice to play with our compatriots and friends Arkona. 

MG: Whats the ultimate goal for No Mans Land  

Ainar:Great music, penetrating to the heart, world fame and glory. 

MG: Final Words:

Ainar: I want to tell you huge thank for being so attentive to our work, it makes us even closer to our listeners. Stay Vikings and let the Northern Gods keep an eye on you. See you at our concerts! 


MG: Thanks so much for you time! 

Ainar: Thank you!                                                              Album Review

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