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                                                                                                           No Mans Land
                                                                                                           Title: Last Crusade
                                                                                                           Label: Massacre

                                                                                                           Release Date 23rd June
No Mans Land have been around a long time ,and are a band I had never paid much, if any, attention too.  They play Viking Metal but actually come from Russia?!?!  They formed twenty years ago and this is the bands Fifth Album and first release in Six years.  


The albums full to the brim with Folksy, drinking Mead at midnight by a open fire ,and singing the chorus at the top of your lungs moments such as the opener "Right To Luck "but as the album progresses you could still be  listening to the first song as nothing really changes as the tracks progress, that is until you get to track four "Strain At The Oars" its the only song that really catches your imagination ,and has you thumping your chest and singing along , it would be excellent in a live setting as the final song at a No Mans Land gig , the Ale will be drunk and many horns shown as these Russians command you to "Strain The Oars". 

"Dragons" doesn't breathe fire , just produces  a puff of smoke, it has potential but becomes monotonous, don't get me wrong the musician ship is exemplary just doesn't really rock my longship! 


Throughout this Eight track opus I am still scratching my head regarding the vocals which are rasping and crossing over nearly into Death Metal territory but not quite. So to sum up The problem is that much of the album sounds the same .

The "Last Crusade" is not an album I would rush out and buy or want to listen to again and again if am honest, but having said that its not awful, just not unique or offering anything new or different.       

Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score: 7/10

1. Right To Luck
2. Sons Of The Nord
3. Victory Horns
4. Strain At The Oars
5. Dragons
6. Last Crusade
7. Warriors Path
8. Bereza


Lineup: Sigurd – Vocals, Guitars
Hjervard – Bass
Ainar – Drums
Aleksandr ‘Nevskij’ - Guitars 

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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