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                                                                                                                  Title: Malady X

                                                                                                                  Label: Metal Blade

                                                                                                                  Release Date: 26th October 2018

It’s been two years since Nothgard released “Sinners Sake” and with guest appearances on this opus from Noora Louhimo (Battle Beast), Veli-Matti Kananen (Kalmah) and Jen Majura (Evanescence) combined with the stellar musicianship from the line-up of Dom R. Crey Vocals, Lead Guitar, Studio Keyboards, Skaahl Guitars, Nico Kolja Bass, Backing Vocals and Felix Indraon Drums this is a pure Melodic Metal heads delight. 

From the majestic key board laden intro of “Voyage to Decay” we are then led into one of my favourite tracks on here the massive title track” Malady X” man I cant express how much I love this song in words, fuck just listen to it! everything about this track is immense scary and true, we all need to open our eyes, it’s a pretty screwed up world we live in and these Teutonic terrors take no prisoners as they lay it down and batter your senses with true headbanging intensity, it’s also really worth while checking out the excellent video that accompanies this track.     


The growls and vehement force from Dom Creys vocals blister your skin as “Shades of War” enters the room it’s kind of hypnotises you, as the metal insanity flows, and the drumming resonates into your whole being. “Guardian of Sanity” and “Epitaph” continue to pummel your senses as the pulsating riffs and head smashing drums melt your face with their pure bred potency. Next we get another track I cannot get enough of  “Daemonium l” is so immense with Noora Louhimo (Battle Beast) making a guest appearance and oh my god, this song sends shivers up and down your spine, this is a massive song and one I would love to see performed live with Noora Louhimo, she adds something so special and unique a truly spine tingling number, her heart and soul has been put into this song its pure talented magnifigance.


“Serpent Holllow” bashes into abandonment as the guys blast out some pulsating riffs.  “Devil will know” turned up to 12  will knock you flat on your face and have you begging for more. “Fall of an Empire” sees the madness ensue as we continue the journey of living in todays screwed up world heads will be banged and mosh-pits erupting in a frenzy of Melodic Metal mania.

The brutality continues the no holds barred “Herald of Death” a more keyboard laden number but it still melts the ice caps as Creys Vocals tear you to shreds with his aggressive, gut wrenching growls delivered from the pits of damnation.

Final track “Black Horizon” will blow your mind it, it’s an instrumental of epic proportions.


“Malady X” is German Melodic Metallers Nothgards third Album and having recently signed to giants Metal Blade this release is destined to make huge waves in the Metal world.

This monster is full of drama, hair raising, exemplary musicianship that’s intense and mind-blowingly awesome, this is the Bands third release and one that made me sit up and instantly take notice of this bands pure skill and absorbing music with a message to the world and its current fucked up state, the lyrical themes and deep and thought provoking moments are many throughout this Metal master piece.


Review: Seb Di Gatto      Score:9/10




1. Voyage to Decay (Intro)

2. Malady X

3. Shades of War

4. Guardians of Sanity

5. Epitaph

6. Deamonium I

7. Serpent Hollow

8. Devil Will Know

9. Fall of An Empire

10. Herald of Death

11. Black Horizon

12. Eye for An Eye (ltd. Digi-CD bonus)

13. Ninja (ltd. Digi-CD bonus)


NOTHGARD line-up:

 Dom R. Crey – Vocals

Lead Guitar, Studio Keyboards

 Skaahl – Guitars 

Nico Kolja- Bass-Backing Vocals 

Felix Indra – Drums

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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