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          Interview   27th July 2019


MM: You head over to Europe soon, how excited are you and anywhere you are really looking forward to playing the most ?

Nuclear: Thanks for this Q&A and your interest in the band. Answering the question, it is always exciting to return to Europe to perform, meet new friends and get to know new places. This will our sixth time in EU and we are sure it's going to be great. There is no particular place we look forward to playing the most as we believe every single city has a very distinctive audience and crazy metalheads. We cannot wait.


MM: What can we expect from Nuclear live?

Nuclear: 100% adrenaline-fueled shows! We don't really mind if we play in front of 20, 200 or 2000 people, our shows are always intense. Expect fast and aggressive music and lots of moshpits!


MM:You have already shared the stage with some stellar bands but What 3 bands would you most like to tour with if given the choice?

Nuclear: That's a tough one but touring with Napalm Death, The Exploited or Entombed A.D. would be definitely something out of this world for us (just to new a few active touring bands).



MM: What are your feelings on people filming the shows on their mobile phones constantly through a gig?

Nuclear: There's a hot debate about this everywhere. On one side, we believe people should enjoy shows by just watching them and having a great time like the old times but nowadays it is a little bit different. There are a lot of social media platforms to show off where you've been or doing and that's probably the main reason it happens. From our standing point, the greatest memory you can get out of a show is the one stuck in your mind.


MM: Feelings on Bands charging for meet and greets as well ?

Nuclear: Not cool. Bands get fed mostly out the tickets and merchandising people buy at the shows and that should be the end of it. If you add the fact that those bands charging for M&G are big enough not to need it, it looks even worse. Absolutely against it.


MM:  Which are your Two favorite albums of all time and what they have meant to you personally

Nuclear (Francisco Haussmann): Both two are rather old albums but Ilistened to them when everything started for me in metal music. One of them is Benediction - Subconscious Terror (1990). Benediction is probably the reason I started plating music in a first place. It doesn't get any more real, natural, raw and uncompromised than this. Barney's voice in this album is absolutely amazing and the songs are stuck in my mind till this day. The other one is Iron Maiden's Killers (1981). I was very young when I listened to this album and it has somehow transcended in time. I believe it was an album well ahead of its time.


MM   What's the most memorable concert you've been to (other than your own) and why?

Nuclear (Francisco Haussmann): That's a really tough one. I think Pantera (1998) in Santiago, Chile will be something very difficult to erase from my mind. I was 18 at that time, the show was absolutely packed and you could breathe the energy in there. Police went crazy outside the venue and I was sent to an upper balcony (seated) and there was no way I would stay there. So, a couple of friends and I jumped about 4 meters high to where the action was... Needless to say, both of my friends got injured but nothing to stop us seeing Pantera (at the moment). The show was amazing but one of friends got a fracture in one of his feet. We were so hammered that we did not see this like a big deal, but the morning after was kinda serious.


MM: When and what can we expect from the sixth Album later in the year?

Nuclear: Not sure about the when as we will just record it during August and we have no release date yet. About what to expect, it is a little bit different than the others. Bands usually say their last album is the best, but that's something we rather leave to the people who listens to it. It will be definitely heavier than Formula For Anarchy, that's for sure. It will have all the elements that fans expect from Nuclear but at the same time, none of them. It is a different approach from start to finish.


MM: What one possession could you not live without right now?

Nuclear (Francisco Haussmann): I'm a very detached person to be honest. After 10 minutes of thinking, I cannot think of any possession I couldn't live without. All material things are replaceable.



MM: Three Words to describe Nuclear?

Nuclear: Extreme Metal Music.


MM:Final Words for your fans and your listeners?

Nuclear: Thanks so much for all these years of support. It may sound cliché but the band would not exist if it weren't for the people who listen, attend to shows and buy merch from us. After 4 long years, we have something really extreme going on with our sixth album, we hope you enjoy it. See you in September. Cheers to all!


















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