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                                                                                   Order Of Chaos  Label: Inner Wound Recordings  

Obsession were originally formed in 1982 split in 1989 and reformed in 2004 and 'Order of Chaos' is the bands sixth album, this will also appeal to ageing rockers and Obsession’s diehard fans will be salivating with pleasure at this latest release...

'Order of Chaos' is an album full of exquisite guitar solos riffs to blow your mind; high screams and rampaging drums are the order of the day.

Obsession in year 2013 features the might of Michael Vescera on vocals, (who's career went from strength to strength after Obsession first split in 1989, playing with such behemoths as Loudness, Yngwie Malmsteen, Animetal). Shredding on guitars are lords Scott Boland (MVP) and John Bruno (X Factor X), Bass Chris McCarvill (House of Lords, Jeff Scott Soto, Dokken) and Drummer maestro is BJ Zampa (Dokken, Yngwie Malmsteen, House of Lords) and they form a scorching, face melting band that still thrill to the extreme. 


The title track is heavy as hell and speeds a long like a bullet train , a fast and delightful opener, with dual guitars and Vescara's vocals clear crisp and kicking in windows.


'Twist of the Knife' has the blade swinging and slicing, with the two guitar virtuosos hitting some wicked riffs, this has to be my favourite track on here, its deep with hard licks, and a thudding bass.  Vescara's vocals are reminiscent of Udo Dirkschneider this just has to be one of the strongest tracks.


'License to Kill' has chuggy guitars and captures Obsession’s ability to intertwine and deliver a crashing tune with an eighties style but bang up to date as well.  Searing guitars continue to decimate your ears throughout the album. 

Some of the less speed orientated numbers like 'Act of God' and final track 'Dark Shadows' also grab you with their multifaceted musician ship, it's excellent stuff.

The album is ten tracks of full blown metal eighties heaven with enough to please your modern metaller. 

Ok this has been done before and isn’t exactly original, but what is these days? 

This is old school metal and it won’t change the world but it’s enjoyable. 

I hope Obsession get the recognition they rightly deserve for this album.


Review by: Seb Di Gatto                                              Score: 7/10



1. Order Of Chaos
2. Twist Of The Knife
3. Forbidden Desire
4. When The Smoke Clears
5. License To Kill
6. Wages Of Sin
7. Cold Day In Hell
8. Act Of God
9. Mercy Killing
10. Dark Shadows

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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