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MM:It's great to chat to you today how much are you looking forward to playing The Metal over Malta Festival IV in March?


We’re really looking forward to it. The festival seems amazing as well as the country. I’ve been researching the Island and the history seems very rich, so we’re honoured to get the chance to play at such a unique location.


What can we expect from Off The Cross Live?

We’ll give everything we’ve got to give the crowd an intense, loud and energetic metal show. Hope the people of Malta are ready for some headbanging and fistpumping!


Have you ever been to Malta before? there seems to be a good  Metal scene  on the island!  Will you have time to venture around the island or will it be a flying visit.


I have never been there before and I’m already regretting we’re only there for 2 days and nights. But we’ll make every moment count and do and see what we can. Maybe we’ll fly over next year for a more extended visit!


MM:The line up is awesome who are you most looking forward to seeing play?


Well, there’s a lot of cool bands. Really looking forward to the headline set of Moonsorrow. I’m also siked about seeing Maltese locals Weeping Silence. I’ve been digging into their album ‘Opus IV:Oblivion’. I really enjoy discovering new atmospheric bands like this.


MM:Which two tracks would you play me to introduce me to Off The Cross?


Well, we only have one album out since we’re a pretty new band, so just listen to the whole album! And check out some videos on youtube while you’re at it.


MM:What would you say has been the bands biggest achievement to date?


We’ve done some amazing stuff in our short existence as a band. Mainly in our home country Belgium and The Netherlands. Our first show ever was at Groezrock, which meant an amazing kickstart for us. Last summer we played Graspop Metal Meeting, a surreal experience.
Seeing thousands of people feeling the energy of the music you’re playing is better than any drug!


MM:Plans for the rest of 2018.


Currently we’re working on a big project containing new music and a lot more. It will be out after the summer. The next step is to put all our energy in playing as many places and countries as possible. We seriously can’t wait for what’s to come.


MM:If you could choose 5 artists dead or alive to form a super group who would it be?


Let’s see.. Cliff Burton on bass, Malcolm Young on Rhythm guitar, Prince on lead guitar, John Bonham on drums, John Lord on Hammond and Chris Cornell on vocals. Sorry.. It’s 6 artists! My god.. I really want to hear this. Let’s do some voodoo and raise the dead.


MM: Which two Heavy Metal Albums would you play me to introduce me to the scene?


Just listen to everything you can find. Metal is really extensive and contains something for everyone. Two albums which changed my life are ‘St. Anger’ by Metallica and ‘Pelagial’ by The Ocean.


MM:What was the most memorable concert you ever attended to date


When I was 15 I saw Metallica for the first time at Rock Werchter. I was such a fanboy back then and hadn’t experienced many metal shows yet. I waited for 15 hours to be at the front row. It was beyond amazing. Also Gojira at Graspop 2016, the intensity and tightness of that band combined with the best live sound and lights ever, it blew me away.


MM:Best and worst things about being in a Band in 2018.


The best thing is doing what you love to do and meeting people and seeing places while you’re doing it. It might seem cheesy but it’s not a hobby or something to spend time with.. It’s a way of life. Everything in my life is built around music and it probably always will be. Of course there are some downsides and sacrifices that need to be made. But they don’t stand a chance against the satisfaction you get from doing what you love to do.


MM:How is the Rock /Metal Scene in Belgium?


We have some great festivals and bands. I think there are a lot of bands that could really achieve international success with the right support. Some of our national prides are Amenra, Evil Invaders, Aborted and many more. All very different but very honest and intense bands.


Four Words to describe Off The Cross


Loud. Intense. Bald. Beards.


Quick Fire Round  

or Small intimate gig

But probably both.


or Digital

(sorry to all hipsters).                            Facebook


Beer or Waffles




Brugge or Newcastle Utd

heard of any of those bands. No idea what you are talking about!


Stage Dive or stand in corner drinking a Peroni.

somewhere in the middle with a Duvel!


you for your time, any final words for your fans and our readers?

Thank  YOU! Can’t wait for Metal Over Malta, let’s drink a beer together.

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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