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                                                                                                     Title: "Motor An"
                                                                                                     Label:AFM Records

                                                                                                     Release Date: September  18th  2015
WHOOPEE !!! Teutonic Hard Rockers  “Ohrenfeindt return with album numero six..Add another two sixes and ya get the number of the beast and yup this album is a beast of a dancing ,  jumping on the stage boogieing  to the hard rocking engine that is “OHRENFEINDT” I reviewed their previous album for this site , and like the previous release its near enough all in German , but so fucking what!! it don’t matter ,this is good time music to get you in the groove , punching the air , and partying into ze night !


All the tracks bar one rock ya proverbial socks off  dive bombing  the room. Ohrenfreindt do tend to base a lot of their music on their roots and oh boy , its fun, fun fun ,  I mean six albums now and it does not stop  !!

“Aus” is the only slow track  here, it’s a ballad with some cool acoustics and gentle flowing vibes.


The Title “Motor An” literally means start the engine ,and boy do they on this opus, the riffs are explosive with thundering guitars from the first track its AC/DC and Rose Tattoo mixed together in the strongest  German Brew, not only is it addictive ,it is mind blowing .

The three piece from Hamburg St.Pauli kick up a storm on “1910 and have you singing “Hey Hey Hey” as they salute their football team St.Pauli.


The riffs and good time feeling are contagious , title track ”Motor An” comes speeding  down the autobahn, raise your fist and yell with the boys from Hamburg! Hope ya getting the idea rather than going through track by track .Get a hold of this Album!! It's Cooler than a Polar Bear in a Freezer!
Am hopeful to arrange our trip to Germany next year and arrange the dates around when these mean and dirty bluesy groove Meister's  are playing Live ,I cant wait!!
Review :Seb Di Gatto     Score :9/10


1. Zeit Für Rock’n’Roll
2. 1910
3. Die Hoffnung Stirbt Zuletzt
4. Nimm Die Kohle Und Renn
5. Gib Mir Mein Problem Zurück
6. Früh Oder Später
7. Motor An
8. Aus
9. Für Rock’n’Roll Gebaut
10. Reich Würde Schon Reichen
Digipak Bonus
11. Lass Die High Heels An
12. Betriebsfest


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