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                                                          Auf Die Fresse Ist Umsonst   AFM Records  

With the swagger of AC/DC, the groove of Rose Tattoo and some Led Zeppelin thrown in for good measure we have Ohrenfeindt, a band who ply their trade of bluesy, rocking, havoc here on 'Auf Di Fresse Ist Umsonst', loosely translated this means 'Face Is Vain'.  Now the album is all in German, but as bands like Rammstein have managed to break through worldwide, there is absolutely no reason why these rockers from the crazy and different German town of St. Pauli can't do likewise. 


The opener is the album title track and with a Brian Johnson inspired 'Oh' the band open with a grooving rocking melody, your head will be moving and your feet tapping right away and you will be instantly hooked to these rockers, I can guarantee it!  'Alles Oder Nichts' ('All or Nothing') is lively, sprightly and ripping with some deep and dirty blues riffs.  Chris Lauts vocals are excellent on this track alone, the band have written the formula, swallowed it and kicked it out and come up on top. 

Then it gets better, I am singing along to the third track 'Jezt Oder Nie' ('Grants or Never'), it's catchy, fun and I am truly hooked!


These Teutonic terrors not only deliver, they make you want to grab a beer, relax and let the bands rocking, bluesy style take over as the harmonious and  soothing instrumental 'Prizessin' ('Princess') washes over you. Then its notched up a gear as 'Engal' ('Matter') sees the band shaking and grabbing a sound reminiscent to Rose Tattoo, which is never a bad thing! 


'Prokrastinations Blues' has a sleazy, dirty, channeled groove, it's a track to crank up as you drive down the autobahn. This band have definitely got my attention, the changes and way the lyrics suck you in, even if you don't know German is heroic! 'Durch Die Nacht' ('On Through The Night') slows the mood down again and has some neat guitar solos and entices you into the bands grip.  'Ruf Mich Nicht Mehr An' ('Call Me No Longer') like the rest of the album, it will have you singing along and banging your head, classy tuneage I must say.


'Strom' ('Storm') does what it says on the tin, its deep salty grooves cut into a wound and jolt you into the maelstrom of blues induced riffage.  It's simply excellent.  Finally 'Heim' ('Home') opens with a harmonica and deep blues, southern inspired finger picking guitar mastery.  Like the start of the album and all the way through the band deliver on all fronts and end with some homebound blues to make the greatest blues performer tip their hat and hail  Ohrenfeindt .  


This is the bands fifth album and if they are anything as good they are a must have!  If you love AC/DC and that kind of bluesy, rocking infused gritty music, then it doesn't matter if you don't understand the lyrics, this is a cool, boogieing album to let your hair down to and enjoy!


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. Auf Die Fresse Ist Umsonst
2. Alles Oder Nichts
3. Jezt Oder Nie
4. Rock N' Roll Sexgotten
5. Konigin Der Nacht
6. Prizessin
7. Engal
8. Prokrastinations Blues
9. Durch Die Nacht
10. Rock N' Roll Show
11. Ruf Mich Nicht Mehr An
12. Strom
13. Heim


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