OLD SELVES Interview 03/12/20

MM:”Two Minds” Is the perfect remedy in these dark days of lockdowns it  gets unleashed in January, will you be doing  a live stream as obviously, you won't be able to do a show


Felix: All is to be revealed. But we’re working on some special content with a local venue, The Fulford Arms shortly.


MM: How pleased are you with the general feedback and can you give us some insight into the Bands name (you will get sick of this question!!).


Felix: The general feedback that we have received has been great. The band has undergone quite a lot of change in the last 6 or more months and the overall feedback has been that this is 100% for the better and we have to agree. Our new sound is a real product of solid evolution and we love playing the new stuff.


So with the name, after years of work an university, we met at the pub to discuss forming the band. We drank a few beers and starting getting excited about the prospect of being in a band again and playing shows, doing all that band stuff. Talking about all these things and getting excited about music again for the first time in quite a few years, somebody said ‘I feel like my old self again!’. At that point, ‘Old Selves’ just worked.


MM: Which is your fave track on the EP today and why


Felix: My favourite track is probably ‘444’ which is the single release coming out 11th December 2020. It is really good fun to play and has a lot of elements to it. The lyrics are my favourite too. The song sets out to illustrate the vibe of a panic attack and I love the chaos of that song.


MM: Its difficult to know at the moment but have you lined up any gigs or festivals for next year for, And how optimistic are you that things will of returned to normality.


Felix: Yeah, we rescheduled a tour 3 times because of all this. But we do have a tour in July 2021, hitting Bristol, Exeter, Southampton, Nottingham, Derby and York to name a few. Also a couple of festivals slots are currently locked in. We’re feeling fairly optimistic at this stage. I work in The NHS and have watched how things have changed recently. I’m hardly an ‘inside man’ haha but do feel good about things and if we reschedule, we reschedule. We don’t care how much paperwork it takes to reschedule a tour, so long as we can get out and support venues and play our music to audiences at the earliest opportunity. In addition to the tour and festival slot, we have a few additional shows and are booking, booking, then booking a bit more. We want to spend next year playing shows all over and to as many potential new members of the Old Selves family as possible, really! So, we're always on the look out for a good show.

MM: Its a bit like Series One of the COVID Box set these days, how much has all of this affected you personally and inspired you for your next release

Felix: Well you know it’s funny you say that. The lyric content of the ‘Two Minds’ EP is all about lockdown, government and the human brain. Two Minds is a story about Old Selves and the minds of the people we share the world with. The sound of Two Minds has been strived to be made up of hard hitting, emotion triggering and straight up head-bang-worthy tunes that evidence the development and growing strength of this band but also the times that we all live in. SO this EP is really a result of how all of this has effected us. The pandemic influenced us to change things around in the band and really get to work. We've no doubt we'll still have things to scream about that are linked to all of the recent events in future releases. As you say, it's somewhat unavoidable. It's at least better than wanky cry songs about our ex girlfriends anyway, right? We strive to not talk about ourselves too much with our music and more express our observations of the world and the people within in. We find that when bands do that, it's more relatable to the masses if that makes sense.

MM: Which three Bands dead or alive would be your ultimate touring buddies


Felix: I mean that is hard to answer because you don’t truly get to know somebody until you’re on the road with them. But Parkway Drive seem like ridiculously fun guys to hang with. That would be great fun. Next would probably be Trivium – they could teach us a lot, we massively respect them and they seem like good fun and genuinely chilled dudes. Third band… Motley Crue. Do we need to say why? Those bastards were mad. You’ve heard the stories.


MM: What's the most memorable concert you've been to (other than your own) and why?


Felix: I think my most memorable concert would be seeing ‘The Blackout’ in Fibbers York, an underground music venue which has now moved and has never been the same to me since it moved. I also played my own first gig there. I think it was about 10 years ago, or around that. They were playing a warm up show for Leeds Festival which was the next day. I wasn’t old enough to go to the festival with my older mates but managed to get in to the gig to see this band. I just remember lasses throwing their bras at the vocalist and my first mosh pit. It all went from there really, including shockingly bad bleached hair dos for years to come.


MM: if you were stuck in quarantine for a year which four famous musicians would you have with u and why Choose and why?


Felix: Eddie Van Halen, Sam Carter (Architects), Mark Tremonti and Tatiana Shmayluk (Jinjer). Eddie because it is Eddie and I recently upgraded by rig to an EVH 5150 and would love to jam with him and have him talk me through his amp settings, Sam Carter because without really realising it, I think Sam has been a huge influence on me vocally and his band is in my opinion one of the best UK metal bands to ever exist, Mark Tremonti because I’d love to chat everything PRS guitars with him and also the bands he has played in/still does play in as they’re all massive influences on me, from teen years to present day and Tatiana Shmayluk because that lady is an unreal performer, have you ever seen them live? Her vocals are literally faultless and she keeps up such a momentum throughout their sets. I’d probably get her to do vocal work outs with me and tell me how the hell she produces those tones with her voice.

MM: Your Album / Song of the year?


Felix: For me personally, it has to be ‘Memento Mori’ by Lamb of God. It is such a tune and has so many elements to it but it’s as always, straight up heavy metal and they sound really true to themselves as a band in this track. It just hits you and you’re like, ‘yep, that’s Lamb of God alright’.

MM: What song from any band sums up how you are feeling today?

Metamorph – Oceans Ate Alaska – chilled but bloody chaotic all at once.


MM: Tell us why we should check out Old Selves


Quick Fire Round:

1. Festival or small intimate gig - FESTIVAL

2. Beer or Yorkshire tea – BEER – THAT WAS AN EVIL QUESTION

3. Thrash Metal or Sleaze Metal - THRASH

4.Leeds Utd or Sheff Utd – WE ALL HATE FOOTBALL

5. Bloodstock or Download or neither – DOWNLOAD – BUT AGAIN THAT WAS HARD


Final Words for your fans and our listeners:


Just that we hope you’re all doing good in these constantly challenging times and nice one for checking us out. We optimistically plan to be on the road in the UK in July 2021 and hope we can neck some beers (or Yorkshire tea) and party with you in one of the cities we’re headed to. Hope you enjoy ‘444’ (11th December 2020) and the EP ‘Two Minds’ (1st January 2021). Take it easy!

Old Selves
Two Minds
1 January 2021


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