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                                                                                              ONE DESIRE

                                                                                              Title: Midnight Empire

                                                                                              Label:Frontiers Music s.r.l.

                                                                                                        Release Date:22nd May 2020

One Desire return with their sophomore Album “Midnight Empire” and what a belter it is! “Midnight Empire” Excellent, Exquisite, energetic and formidable release. Formed back in 2012 these  Finns return with possibly the Melodic Rock Album of 2020.

The Album gets under way with the absolutely fabtastic “Shadowman” an excellent start as you find yourself instantly addicted to this song with André Linmans Vocals sounding as crisp and  powerful as ever this is a helluva opener as jimmy Westerlund makes his guitar sing and the Rhythm section of  Ossi Sivula  (Drums) and Jonas Kuhlberg  bring the Melodic heavenly hard rocking  noise on this opener. Now for the piece de resistance a track that’s already been released and has had mega hits on You Tube etc. the catchy “After You’ve Gone” a truly stellar 80 esque anthem that should be riding high in the mainstream charts, this is Pure unadulterated Rock at its finest!   


With a Sleaze driven edge we get the superb “Down and Dirty” with its sing along chorus this hedonistic rock n roll rampage just continues to please and rock your soul. This excellent opus continues to have you hooked line and sinker as “Godsent Exstasy” ticks all the boxes. Next up the softer and sublime “Through The Fire” slows things down as the acoustic guitar floats into the room and the harmonious effects take a hold and really touches this reviewers heart and both have a deep meaning to me personally.


The truly inspiring and ready to go on my ipod for the Gym “Heroes” rocks up and has you standing defiant and tall!

We get “Killer Queen” and thankfully no it’s not a cover of the Queen song! This is another dazzling track that shakes the obligatory foundations.   I still get goose bumps and will continue to as both “Rio” and “Only When I breathe” take a hold of you, they both simply tear at your heart and feels so right and will be amazing live.


The whole Hard Rock world should sit up and take note of this exemplary work am telling ya, If you have one Album you must own in 2020 make it your One Desire…  “Midnight Empire…IT RAWKS!!

Review: Seb Di Gatto                      Score: 9/10                                


Reviewed: 15/03/20                         Facebook



  • 1.Tracklist: Shadowman

  • 2.Heroes

  • 3.Down And Dirty 

  • 4.Godsent Extasy 

  • 5.Through The Fire 

  • 6.After You’ve Gone (Separate Ways)

  • 7.Killer Queen

  • 8.?Was It Love?

  • 9.Battlefield Of Love 

  • 10.Rio




Jimmy Westerlund – Guitars

André Linman – Lead Vocals

Ossi Sivula – Drums

Jonas Kuhlberg – Bass Guitar


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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