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                                                                                                               Orden Ogan
                                                                                                   "Ravenhead"    Label:AFM
                                                                                                     Release Date : January 16th
Orden Ogan were not a band we were fully familiar with until we were sent “To The End” to review back in 2012, the aforementioned album blew us away.
Fast forward two years and we are delighted to have received “Ravenhead” to check out and review for The Metal Gods Meltdown.
They had to come up with something special,  and amazing to  better the first album and believe me they have, “Ravenhead”  takes you on magical tour of Power Metal insanity, with heroic choruses , jagged riffs and Metal abandonment!
No longer should Orden Ogan be compared to other Power Metal bands this album sees them at the top of their game , and they are now unique in everything they do.
The intro is named after the band and reminds you of a Viking horde approaching their foes and humming a robust and deep throated statement of intent. And intent is what you get as  title track “Ravenhead” launches the album,  exploding into a ferocious delivery of sublime riffs with  deep,  intense vocals from front man Seeb , it’s a track you listen to just once ,to  become fully immersed in this truly wonderful music.
“F.E.V.E.R” is the first single from the album it’s a song that has an addictive chorus of “False Believer, True Deceiver.. She is the F.E.V.E.R” that will stay in your consciousness and is sure to be a major hit live as the crowd sing in unison and salute this infectious tune. “The Lake” washes over you and sees the band deliver a melodic master piece, its gigantic and mesmerising.
Next we get an intro of medieval magnificence, sung by an old crone the song title is repeated for a short while then , crash bang wallop Orden Ogan  infiltrate your willing psyche, you will stretch your neck muscles and, raise your horns  to a classic head banging masterstroke. Chris Boltendahl (Gravedigger) features next on “Here at The End of The World” he growls and snarls, it’s a shredding number , a chest thumping song to get the masses singing! “A Reason To Give” slows everything down, it demonstrates the bands diversity ,this is a stunning and  powerful ballad.
“Deaf Among The Blind “ speeds along at a fast pace , its  a classic delivery of Power Metal awesomeness!  Hammerfalls Jociam Cans is the second vocalist to feature on this opus, “Sorrow is Your Tale” is full of an thematic choruses  and bodes well for when Hammerfall go on tour with Orden Ogan as the Hammerfall frontman is bound to come out and join the band for this song , should they play it live. Penultimate track is an instrumental which then leads to the final song , an engrossing sad and traumatic tune  that will chill you to your very bones.   
“Ravenhead” will be available as standard CD, ltd. Digipak (incl. 2 bonus tracks bonus
DVD „Live @ Summer Breeze 2013), ltd. Vinyl (500 copies in green) and limited Special Edition (raven sculpture + Digipak, limited to 1.000 units). So not only do your get an amazing album you can grab a hold of the special features and be the proud owner of one of the best Power Metal albums to be released in a very, very long time! 2015 album of the year already … it could be!
Review: Seb Di Gatto                         Score :10/10
01. Orden Ogan
02. Ravenhead
03. F.E.V.E.R
04. The Lake
05. Evil Lies In Every Man
06. Here At The End Of The World
07. A Reason To Give
08. Deaf Among The Blind
09. Sorrow Is Your Tale
10. In Grief And Chains                      Facebook     Twitter    Band Site
11. Too Soon

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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