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Swedish / Finnish band OZ are back!  Best known in the metal underground for their 1983 album, 'Fire In The Brain' and the classic single 'Turn The Cross Upside Down',  well they are back with their first album since 1991.  It’s very retro but if you loved the NWOBHM, then this is for you, and I am sure this will also win over today's metal-heads.


There are some old songs included on this album, 'Turn The Cross Upside Down', 'Fire In The Brain', to show what OZ are about in 2011,  for those metal-heads who have never heard of Oz before, and for older fans to hear the rejuvenated versions.


'Burning Leather' is what OZ are all about today.  To be honest, I wasn’t that keen on this album at first, but after a few listens, it’s really got into my head.


Anthemic 'Dominator' kicks off the proceedings and is really catchy, bang-your-head to the Eighties, with a modern twist, song.  Sirens sound for the excellent 'Searchlight', this is totally old school metal, but an enjoyable number.


I really like 'Let Sleeping Dogs Lie', this takes me back to my youth.  The new version of 'Fire in the Brain' is very impressive and if you know the original, I am sure you will love the updated sound too on this one.

The epic 'Seasons In The Darkness' is a rampaging number, relentless and moody, with wailing guitars and soaring vocals.  Again very traditional, but a great song


OZ's best known track 'Turn The Cross Upside Down' is just as brilliant as the old version and I'd forgotten how much I used to love this track, which was covered of course by Storm Warrior not so long ago.  It is wonderful and theatrical, fast paced, with chaotic guitar riffs and thundering drums.


I really didn't like the cheesy 'Enter Stadium', a repetitive and boring song and  I've heard it all before I'm afraid.  'Dominator' and 'Turn the Cross Upside Down' are my favourites on this album and old-school metal-heads will love this album, as will generations of new metal-heads I'm sure.

'Total Metal' and 'Third Warning' finish off this Scandinavian Metal Opus, which is really worth investing some money in.


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. Dominator
2. Searchlights
3. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
4. Fire In The Brain
5. Seasons In The Darkness
6. Turn The Cross Upside Down
7. Burning Leather
8. Gambler
9. Enter Stadium
10. Total Metal
11. Third Warning


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