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                                                                                                         Label: Pure Steel
                                                                                                         Release Date: 24th July 2015
Zandelle return with eleven tracks of stylistic Metal to please their fans ,and hopefully get them more deserved recognition.

I reviewed their last album for a previous website  which has mysteriously disappeared from their pages! Which is a shame, but least we know their new release will actually get seen this time! which will hopefully see the band getting much more deserved recognition.


To be honest it has  taken a few listens to really appreciate “Perseverance” and like the title I did Persevere and found this Album to be strong , and full of melodious Powerful Metal, Opening with an instrumental that builds and builds with keyboards and guitars it promises much ,and indeed delivers this Is a haunting and captivating introduction to the following ten tracks as “Unending Fortitude” races out of the traps and George Tsalikis vocals tell a tale of valor and attacking your very being with a Metal assault of defiant drumming  from Joe "Jofu" Cardillo, screeching keyboard solos from Josh Tuckman ,thumping bass lines from James Corallo ,and wicked crunching guitar man ship from TW Durfy they all combine to provide a helluva opening this is a Power Metallers delight, with choral effects that take you to the zenith of a Metal Meltdown! “Lycnathrope” races  along at a frantic pace ,the keyboards delivering and making Zandelles sound neo Classical and magical  the choral effects  make this song shine. 


The next track “Shadow Slaves” Runs at nearly seven minutes it’s a brooding piece that flows , taking your imagination on a wild ride of thrashing deep and Metallic prose! It’s the kind of tune that would fit in well on a film score for a Horror movie. “End Game” is very Maidenesque and has you raising your horns and banging your head in delight as Zandelle entertain you with some mean riffs. Title track “Perseverance” is full to the brim of frenzied keyboards and anthematic crowd singalong tones, and enthralls you. “Avenger of The Fallen” is a slow burner that weaves its tale and transfixes, as  indeed does the whole album.


Final song “Revengance (from The Ashes)” is going to be a killer song live , its  catching melodies will enthuse and enrapture the audiences this is a Power Metal Anthem and one of the best I have heard for a long time!                
Only down side For me personally  is the keyboards can get a bit too much at times, but otherwise than that its one of the best Neo Classical Power Metal albums to come out from the USA in a long time.
                                                         RAISE YOUR FIST YELL AND ALL HAIL ZANDELLE!  
Review:Seb Di Gatto     Score:9/10


2. Unending Fortitude
3. Lycanthrope
4. Shadow Slaves
5. End Game
6. Beyond the Point
7. Innocence Lost
8. Midnight Reign
9. Perseverance
10. Avenger of the Fallen
11. Revengeance (From the Ashes)


Members: George Tsalikis - Vocals, Joe "Jofu" Cardillo - Drums & Bkg Vox, James Corallo - Bass, TW Durfy - Guitars & Bkg Vox, Josh Tuckman - Keyboards & Bkg Vox


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